Friendship Connections

Making New Chat Friends on Senior Chatters

To start building new chat friends on Senior Chatters it’s a good idea to first request a friendship connection.  The process is quick and easy and ultimately gives you total control as to who you chat with.  Essentially, you will want to start making friendship connections with the members that interest you the most so you can then Live Message those members that you wish to interact with the most.

Click on the Members link and start browsing profiles of people that you want to connect with.  You can either:
1) Click on a member to browse their profile
2) Hover your mouse over their profile picture to return it in real-time
Hover over a profile picture to display the profile in real-time

 Click on the Connect icon to initiate the connection request.

Click on the Connect Icon to request friendship

If your friendship connection request is accepted your new chat friends will appear under your My Connections area.

My Connections Page
Click on your Nickname > Connections > My Connections to view your new friends

Take Home Tips

1) Start requesting plenty of friendship connections with members you find interesting.
2) Look for Members who are 'Recently Active'.
3) Click on your Nickname > Connections > My Connections to view your connected friends list