Private Messaging Service

Writing Privately to Connections

As soon as you have connected with members you can then private message them.  Think of private messaging like a senior pen pal service where you regularly write to friends.  It is a great way for staying in close contact with the friends you make with us.

How to Private Message Your Connections

Click on My Connections from the left-hand menu.  If you are using a small screen, for example, on a phone, then click on the three horizontal bars at the top of any page to expand the main menu and then click on My Connections.

Locate the member who you wish to private message and then click on the envelope below their profile picture.

The Private Messaging Interface

The private messing interface is split into three main areas.

1) At the top you will see the username of the member you are sending your message to

2) At the bottom there is an input box for you to type your message before clicking on the Send button to obviously send it you connection

3) On the left-hand side you will see a list of your connections that you have already private messaged.  Click on a username to access the threaded conversation.

Threaded Conversations

We organise all your private messages into threaded conversations, so you can quickly and easily reply to previous messages.

Private Message Notifications

Your connection will then receive an email notification informing  them of your message.  The recipient must then login to Senior Chatters to reply to your message.  

If they reply, you will also be notified by email and a new notification prompt will be shown against My Messages on the left-hand sidebar.

Take Home Tips

1) You can only private message the friendship connections that you have made.
2) You cannot reply to a private message notification email. You need to send the reply within Senior Chatters.
3) All your private messages are centrally stored within My Messages.

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