Farewell to Fear 🤗

The dark clouds have lifted

A bright sun has come out

The virus is vanquished 

Of that there’s no doubt

The shops have reopened 

Along with the pubs

The cafe’s are booming 

And serving good grub

The lockdown is over

We can all venture forth

See friends and relations 

Down South and up North

It’s been very traumatic 

But we’ve all battled through 

By taking precautions 

To combat the ‘Flu’

It will take many months

Before ‘normal’ returns 

But we all feel so lucky

And good lessons were learned 

Never take life for granted 

Hold fast to love and health

For these things are so precious 

So much more than wealth.

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  1. Interesting Scorp. Last time I spoke with a friend across the pond, I do not think that they would be saying Farewell to Fear. More like Jeeze!! again?
    This mess will not end until something is developed to combat this wee bug. Me? I am not going out to any pub, or eatery or such yet. I think that I will stick to going fishing and petting my cat until this blows over… its safer LoL

  2. A couple of weeks ago I was optimistic that this pandemic was slowing down but then the BLM protests and the 4th of July holidays happened so Covid cases have now surged beyond belief. I live in southern California (near Los Angeles) and we are headed steadily back into full lockdown mode. So many mistakes, so much misinformation, no common sense, and a leader who has no empathy, compassion or human decency in charge. Will we learn from this?