LAMPIÃO – BANDIT The interior of the Northeastern State of Pernambuco is known as the “Sertão” which means “Desert” because it seldom rains there, so the climate is arid, dry and inhospitable. Vegetation is sparse, and what trees there are, are stunted due to the lack of water. Villages are scattered all around the Sertão, […]

Lana Turner

Did Lana Turner kill her mobster boyfriend? Lana Turner was once one of the most famous stars in Hollywood. She was known for her platinum blonde hair and her bitchy, catty allure. My favorite films of Lana’s were the “women’s films” she did with Douglas Sirk, Imitation of Life and Madame X being the most […]


Paranormal Basics. WE CONSIDER a great deal of paranormal phenomena and mysteries of the unexplained here. There are many such mysteries that have puzzled us all. Through ongoing research, however, we are likely one day to understand many of them. Quite conceivably we will understand how telepathy and precognition work. Bigfoot could be captured next […]