Drawer knobs

Well at 3.30pm precisely today a thought came into my mind. It came from nowhere I knew and from a place I had never previously been. A random thought that chose me. What was it? It was a thought that encouraged me to replace the beech knobs on my kitchen cupboards with an eclectic mix […]

Climbing Rocks

Well my plan for a 4 hour coast path walk was hi-jacked due to last night’s decision to eat one of my mother’s ‘Wiltshire Ready Meals’. Nausea has followed me all day and broke into a sweat whilst I was fuelling the car. So -the long and breathtaking walk I had planned needed to be […]


Today, I came to the conclusion that all elements of my life are truly senior. I also fell over the conclusion that I might try and make the best of it.But will it make the best of me? Already I sm noticing choice is being restricted. Twitter, facebook or chirp let me write as little […]