What is a Premium Membership?

How it works

Every new member who joins Senior Chatters automatically receives a complimentary 14-Day Premium Membership.  This comes without any further obligation whatsoever on your part, so you can enjoy all the many features of our website without any restrictions.

Why are we doing this?

Simply to prove to you that Senior Chatters is the real-deal, and why our members consider us the number one senior chat site.  Our hope is that you will feel the same way and enjoy using our popular premium features to safely build genuine, worldwide friendships with like-minded over fifties from all over the world. 

What happens if I decide not to upgrade my membership?

That’s absolutely fine – honestly it is. If you choose not to upgrade your membership during this time, then no hard feelings – thank you for at least giving us a try.

Here’s what will happen…

Your Premium Membership will expire on day 15 and automatically convert to a free membership.  As a free member you will still be able to keep in touch with the friends you make with us, but without access to our premium set of features.

Why Isn’t a Premium Membership Free?

Two reasons actually…

Reason 1) The truth is this. By asking members for a small fee in exchange for unlimited access to all our premium features we’re able to eliminate Scammers and all those undesirable online characters in one fell swoop.  You know the scum I mean, right?

Those parasites who are intent on ruining the enjoyment and integrity of so many other websites out there; where profanity, sexual harassment and con-men are all common place.  Perhaps you have already experienced this on other websites?  After all, nobody, not even a Scammer, is stupid enough to pay for something that they’ll be eliminated from almost immediately, are they?

Reason 2) We’re able to continually invest in the development and upkeep of Senior Chatters.

Yes, we could plaster the entire site with Ads in order to generate revenue, but the overwhelming feedback received from our members proves they would rather invest in a clean, safe website that is 100% dedicated to just the over fifties than some fly-by-night botched site with zero credibility that’s open to abuse from online predators.