Senior Chatters Video Training

How to Upload a Profile Picture/Cover:

Take Home Tips:

  1. Members who upload a recent photograph do get a better response.

Chat Rooms Overview

Take Home Tips:

  1. Chatters log in and out of the Chat Room 24/7
  2. If nobody is in the rooms when you are, stick around, someone will be with you shortly...

Quiz Room Overview

Take Home Tips:

    1. Questions in the Quiz Room refresh every 60 seconds
    2. Click the '+ More' button and then '? Quiz Scores' to see this months leaderboard
    3. Click here to view our past quiz champions

Music Room Overview

Take Home Tips:

    1. The Music Show is hosted 9pm (London time) every day
    2. Check the countdown timer on the login homepage for the next show in your timezone
    3. Remember, you can request songs to be played live in the room



Video 4 - Take Home Tips:

  1. Once you submit a blog post it will be reviewed and published within a few hours.
  2. Only use the formatting options to highlight certain words or phrases - less is more...
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