Premium Membership Donation

Despite making the cost of a 'Premium Membership' as cheap as possible, giving everyone full access to Senior Chatters, there are still some members less fortunate who simply can't afford to join.  We appreciate this, and with your help, , we would like to give genuine and honest members, who truly can't afford a 'Premium Membership' a bit of-a-break.

So here it is, the Senior Chatters Membership Donation Service...

How it works...

Donations are totally optional, so please do not think you need to make any additional contribution...

However, if you feel that you're in a position where you can help somebody less fortunate than yourself, simply enter the username of that member and then click on the 'Donate' button below.  You will then be able to donate whatever amount you feel is an acceptable figure to purchase a 'Premium Membership' on behalf of that member - and we'll cover any difference!

The member you are donating too will then become a 'Premium Member' of Senior Chatters for 12 Months (Currently valued with the special offer price at $47 - about £30).  We realise that this maybe open to abuse, so the following rules will be enforced:

Donation Rules

  1. Members may NOT Donate for themselves.

  2. Only existing paid 'Premium Members' may donate.

  3. Donations are non-refundable.

  4. Sensible donations only please.

Enter The Username Below Of The Member You Wish To Make A Donation For And Then Click On The Donate Button.