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Still not sure?  Below you'll find genuine reviews from real members of Senior Chatters.  We've been helping the over 50's find new senior chat friends for over 10 years.  We're proud of what we've achieved and the quality service we provide. Senior Chatters is loved, enjoyed and trusted by thousands of worldwide members.  Here are some of their stories...

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March 21, 2017
This Is the Place to Occupy an Otherwise Boring Life

I am not a stranger to Chat Sites. In the early days of ICQ and MIRC I got involved in chat. I am a lot older now and a little wiser too. I was looking for a place where I could meet other people of the save vintage that were also seeking friendship. I found it here at SC. I have found people that have the similar likes, are looking for the same fellowship. I have an added bonus, I can also share my music with them as well. This is the place to occupy an otherwise boring life.


March 16, 2017
I Have Been Made Very Welcome

Like many people, following the death of my husband I became quite isolated, people I had counted as friends disappeared, others, sadly have died. I am not looking for a new relationship and it seemed that all that was out there were dating sites, so I was very happy to find out about seniorchatters. I have been made very welcome and have had lovely chats, and help from other members on how to use the site. I highly recommend it those seeking worldwide friendships.

March 16, 2017
Something on This Site Just for You

I have been here for so long I've taken root. It's a hard place to leave so guessing I'll still be about somewhere here when I 'pop my clogs'.

It's a great place to meet a wide variety of people in a safe environment. Yes, we do have 'ratbags' turn up from time-to-time but the general membership takes care of them, and they become reformed characters after a few days of chatting to the nice people we have on here.

It's nice to have something just for those of us who are into our more mature years and infiltrators are soon found and removed by the Administrators.

So if you're into forming lifelong friends, need a place to just vent or somewhere to share your hobbies and thoughts there is something on this site just for you. "Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold.".....:-)

March 13, 2017
I Love Senior Chatters!

I can't believe it has been going on 4 years since I first signed on here.

I love Senior Chatters! I have met so many people from all over the world and even learned a lot of new things! The people on here are friendly, helpful and just plain wonderful to talk with!

I am a lifetime member which is definitely worth the small investment! I have tried other sites and found them to be nearly not as safe as this one.

The people that are here want to be and want to keep it clean and safe. If you have never tried a chat room before just come in and jump into the conversation...if you're are shy, just read along for a while and if you have questions feel free to ask just about anyone on there. We all will welcome you and try as best as we can to make you comfortable.

I love the fact that we are all over the magic age of '50'.....and survived it!

March 1, 2017
It Has Been a Great Experience

Having just started on my second full year with Chatters. I must say that it has been a great experience and I heartily recommend it to those interesting in either Chatting or Blogging.
I myself particularly enjoy the latter- and maybe the best recommendation I can give is the fact that every time I crank my computer up - my first move is to check CHATTERS

February 18, 2017
I Was so Impressed with the Community Feel

I really stumbled across this site when looking for on line friends and although I didn't really get a chance to try the free premium membership as much as I would have liked, I was so impressed with the community feel on here that I decided to make my membership permanent. I hope to make a lot of friends in the coming weeks and months and look forward to chatting to you soon. Thank you Rob for welcoming me.

February 16, 2017
Wow !!!! I am so Pleased with the Groups and Chat Room

Wow !!!! I am so pleased with the groups and chat room I have visited in the three times that I have logged in and the warm response from other senior chatters, that I purchased a life time membership :). There is so much to see, do, read and get involved with I knew that I needed more time then my 2 week free trial membership to explore. Thank You Rob for creating such an amazing site :))))

February 10, 2017
I'm Well and Truly Addicted to SC

I had visited many chat sites before finding sc and I didn't feel at home in any of them. I am so glad I logged in with your fantastic site rob. The members are so friendly and since I joined 5 months ago I've logged on every day. I'm well and truly addicted to sc and I've made a lot of lovely friends. Thank you for enriching my life with such a wonderful group of people. I hope to be a member for a very long time to come ?

January 21, 2017
Very Easy Site to Use

Very easy site to use and everyone I have chatted online with has been friendly and welcoming

January 15, 2017
Had to Come Back

I tried senior chatters a few months ago , and said I'll be back and here i am !!! Couldnt afford 1yr but decided i could do six month membership for now , had to come back rob n everyone , live out here in the boone docks (no people ) - need senior chatters - helps with my axiety n lonelyness - thanks - give senior chatters ***** 5 stars hope i can make friends

November 28, 2016
Finding it so Much Fun

Have recently joined Senior Chatters and finding it so much fun to be able to chat with others in our age bracket looking forward to making many new friends.

November 17, 2016
This Site Gives Me People to Chat With

Hi, I found this site by accident and I am happy to have done so. I have friends and good neighbours but I still shut the door and be on my own of an evening. This site gives me people to chat with and I hope to build friendships with others in the same position. I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

October 24, 2016
I Definitely Rate This Site 5 Stars

Senior chatters is by far the best friendliest site, and I am glad to be a part of it. Everybody is welcoming, and the chat is varied. There is so much going on, and I love the idea of the rooms you can visit. It's real nice to know that there is always someone to chat to, whether it be in the community room or private chat. Excellent.
I definitely rate this site 5 Stars. Thankyou Rob and your moderating team.

October 10, 2016
Put Simply, Thank You

I have to admit that something like three and a half years ago my life plunged to rock bottom. I lost my wife of 57 years and what was then a young lady of ten who I grew up with who became my wife.

I had been her 24/7 Carer for 29 years, our social life, our friends had long since vanished over the hill. Depression took over, I found it hard to go out of the house but rather than take tablets that the GP wanted to offer I resolved with the help of my faithful Labrador I was going to fight it and turn my life around.

I did and I am now happily married (Two months anniversary) to a person who had endured very similar to me, we had met about ten years previously at a Carers meeting. The point of me relating my experience is to show how valuable the sites and people on them similar to and including this one can and do play a vital role in helping to get your life on a even keel again.

I have now come back on here and would like to repay my support and help in any way that I can help people and/or the site in the future with any contribution I can make. Put simply, thank you.

October 7, 2016
Why I Love SC

I've only been a fully paid up member of SC for a short while but it was the best decision I ever made. The site is wonderful and the really genuine friends I've made are fantastic. I only wish I'd found this lovely community years ago. Thank you Rob for a truly unique and wonderful site.

September 6, 2016
A Bright and Lively Chat Room

A bright and lively chat room, for adults interested in real friendship. Very well run.

September 4, 2016
I Am Enjoying The Chat Room So Much

I must say so far my experience here at Senior Chatters has been a wonderful one indeed. Those I reached out to with friendship requests accepted immediately and wrote me such encouraging messages to welcome me to the site. I am enjoying the chat room so much because the chatters are very accepting and friendly towards newcomers. Add to that I've joined several 'groups' as well!

August 26, 2016
Looking Forward to Meeting New People

Joined today, 8/25/2016 and so far everything is going well with the site. I was even able to upload a picture !!! lol I am looking forward to meeting new people and making good friends.

August 14, 2016
Have Enjoyed Company on Here

Hi, Have enjoyed company on here .. friendly ... well most haha

July 1, 2016
Happy I Found This site

Hi I have just started here on SC and am happy I found this site, I love to sit back and chat and also I like to just sit back and look at others chatting and discussing topics, at times I would put my six pence (figure of speech) in lol,any how so far everyone here is very enjoyable and pleasant to chat with,right now am going through different areas and learning more each day,once again am happy to be here .

June 29, 2016
I'm a Lifetime Member Now

We seem to have a recent history of "exiting" but I'm pleased to say I'm IN here, Great chat, great people, diverse topics and a new best friend. I'm a lifetime member now !!!!!

June 20, 2016
Everyone is so Friendly

I really enjoy the site everyone is so friendly

June 12, 2016
An Independent Person is Often a Fab Friend

Hi All,

This is a quiet, thoughtful site. It seems to me that the people here are willing to think about any issue, whether trivial, funny or devastating. They are friends in the sense that they are both aware and sympathetic. They are also just a sounding board. Maybe that sounds like a bad thing but I know that an independent person is often a fab friend.

He he

June 7, 2016
Try anything once!

Hi...First time of trying something like this but,nothing ventured blah,blah,it seemed like a good idea.Joining was easy enough but I don't know what to expect so I'm just going to run with it.

June 1, 2016
The Welcome in the Community Room was Superb

Not much to write - yet! I've only been on the site for a few days but the welcome in the community room was superb and the people I've chatted to up to now have been, open, welcoming and friendly. I've paid for 12 months premium membership because I've no wish to leave the site yet and would like to find my way around and meet more people.