Chat Rooms Help

The chat rooms, for the majority of members work extremely well without any issues whatsoever and are enjoyed by hundreds of Chatters every single day. However, a few members have reported difficulties either staying in the rooms or not being able to access them at all.

If you are having difficulties, here are a few things you may like to try:

1) Consider using a replacement Browser instead of Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and Firefox both work extremely well with Senior Chatters and are highly recommended.

2) Ensure your Browser is current and up to date, and that your PC is fully patched. Use Windows Update to download essential fixes and security update for your PC.

3) Ensure your browser is using the latest version of Java. You can check/download/upgrade Java here

3) Download and install CCleaner. This great and free program essentially removes all temporary and junk files that your PC collects over time, and basically helps to improve stability and speed up your computer. Again, this program is highly recommended and can instantly fix a multitude of stability issues. If you're having problems, CCleaner is your friend here.

4) You should be using a Broadband Internet connection, with a reliable and strong connection. The faster the better! If you are using a wireless connection to your router, ensure that your connection isn't dropping, and again that you have a strong connection. To improve your wireless connection, move closer to your router and ensure your router is located as high as possible with as few obstacles from where you are sitting to the router as possible. Essentially, the more obstacles that are in your way, for example walls, doors etc etc, the weaker your wireless signal can become...

5) Close down any unneeded Browser windows and software programs that you have running in the background. The more Windows you have open the more memory your computer will consume. Therefore, when entering the chat rooms make sure you have as few Windows open as possible.

6) Depending on how old your router and wireless card is (pre Class-N) you may wish to invest in a faster wireless setup. Alternatively, consider using an Ethernet cable to plug your wireless device (usually a laptop) directly into the router, and see if that improves connection.

7) Make sure your antivirus or security software isn't blocking access to the Chat Rooms.  If it is, you should be able to create a rule within the program you are using to re-allow access.