Working Body 

I am sure I’m not the only one who at times feel like I felt today.

Whilst doing some work around our house , well in my shed actually I suddenly became drained  and out of energy. It happens now I’m in my sixties on the odd occasions when I try and push myself too much. Jobs and tasks which I  used to do when I was younger were carried out easily and much quicker than they are these days.

Today, was just another example of my mind and body telling me that I am not the young, strong, energetic and tough person  like I was all those years ago. No, instead I was being told to slow down, sit down, take a rest and stop being an idiot taking on too much all at once.

All I was trying to do was to stack away some items in to the roof eaves of my shed. Lifting them up and stowing them away, was once an easy and quick job, now its a real struggle and when its eventually finished I feel exhausted. 

What doesn’t help is I’m a bit out of condition having as most of us do over indulge over Christmas and I know the loss of those added pounds would make me feel a little fitter.  We are as like most people trying to lose a few pounds and exercise more  and I’m sure once some better weather is with us it will help with getting us out of the house  and doing more. 

For now I do need to listen to what  my body is telling me and not overdo things or run before I can walk. 

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