Work. How important was, or is, it in your life?

Most of us needed to work so as to making enough money to provide the necessities and many luxuries we desired. Did you have good balance between time spent with family and time spent at work?

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10 thoughts on “Work. How important was, or is, it in your life?

  1. davidrv

    Hi LoneRogue. Work has never been a problem; co-workers have made the difference. When I was younger I was surrounded by people and hearing their problems was strenuous. In the last 10 years I have worked mostly alone with little interaction with other workers.
    At this point work doesn’t seem like work. There’s nothing like doing what you like and getting paid for it.
    I have always given 100% in my work, and 100% when with my family. My motto has always been “Family First”. Maybe one day I’ll have time for friends.

  2. starlette

    Hi Lone, I have worked all my life to earn a wage, not to follow any particular career or dream………my last employment was working with people with learning difficulties, have to say this was the only job I never got bored in……..I don’t miss work, it was a means to an end………but whichever job I worked in I gave it my all, invariably in every job you get the shirkers and the workers, I was a worker and somehow more trust was put in me to take on more responsibility…….that’s ok, but when the workers with less responsibility get paid the same rates of pay it tends to grate on you somewhat…….at times it pays to act dumb…lol…..

  3. waylander

    My first years in work were, what I would consider, important. Since then it’s all been for the money and what it could buy. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the later work, I did, but it wasn’t what I’d call important.

  4. roseinbloom

    Work is a complicated subject. I worked for a paycheck for the necessities and luxuries of life. I worked to benefit others and I worked to have status and prestige. Women of my generation had no role models for how to manage a career and a family and I tried to do more than I should have. I should have taken short cuts and have gotten more help and had more time for fun with my family.

  5. len1932

    I spent 22 years working in the Air Force and got several promotions from 1952 to 1973. Then I went working for myself and had 5 businesses with 17 employees, I thought that was eachgreat until I realized after paying everyone there was nothing left for my family So I sold it all and two houses and moved 60 miles away to my farm of 20 acres. With the AF retirement and Social Security it was enough. Sold off 10 acres and bought 2 rental houses to make life even better., Then my wife died and she before arranged for her sister in law to come help on the farm. After 4 years I married her at age 80 and now at 85 she has kept me alive. we are great companions and take AMTRAK trains all over the US each year, Wonderful cook and I do the dishes by hand, great job.

  6. jessamyne

    I never really spent a lot of money. After bills, it mostly stayed in the bank for emergencies or for when a wonderful opportunity arose. My hobby expenses have always been minimal, and had saving pennies down to a science.

    I think the trick is being busy, whether working or not. When I stopped working, it meant mostly that my schedule was my own.

  7. Drummer

    Hi Lone – as usual an interesting question – for me work whether as an employee of taking part in worthwile activities such as Hospital Radio work, taking part in organising the annual Millitary tattoo in Colchester or being a founder member of the Hospital broadcasting services and even running one of the very early Ladies soccer teams – all of these in my younger days – Then a move to New Zealand 48 years ago, where I have always managed to fully occupy myself one way or another – I guess I can honestly say that work in whatever form has and still is crucial to my enjoyment of life.
    Kind regards Drummer

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      I must work as apparently you must also. Also I detect that work is pleasurable for you as it is for me. Although I was always a good employee as a general rule for 5 years and then needed to find something new to stimulate me again. When you say “radio work” meaning what, Drummer?

  8. Drummer

    I was one of the founding members of Hospitals Radio Colchester way back – they have just passed their 50th anniversary – the all coluntary service now broadcasts days per week but not so many of the old originals liv ing now!

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