who has the right to judge

I smoke and im told smoking is bad for me and others

by someone who drive a car whos told driving a car is bad for our planet

whos told by a drunk whos told alchahol can lead to abuse

whos told by a black man who hates whites

whoes told rasisim is bad whos told by a man who hates women

whos told sexisim is bad whos told by someone who smokes

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  1. waylander

    Don’t you just hate the holier than thou attitudes you come across? I hate to use a biblical quote, but “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

  2. starlette

    And the Bible also says An Eye For Eye…….its full of contradictions…… and is interpreted in many different ways by different religious groups……..no one should judge anyone until they have walked in their shoes, that’s never going to happen so we have to get through the best we can and try and treat others as we would like to be treat…

  3. deaks Post author

    I am sorry uve been cut deep and are in such pain starlette
    I wish u all the love in the world
    lets leave it there

  4. starlette

    I wouldn’t say I have been hurt more in my life than anyone else…. a lot less than some according to the recent posts…….what makes you think I am in pain just because I am truthful and don’t follow the same theme as you……I do not need your condensation and forgiveness……there is only one God……if one exists……and it isn’t you so please do not patronise me…..

  5. Scorpio

    Now you’re just getting nasty deaks , something most of fair minded chatters , of whom I consider myself one , will not deem acceptable.

  6. deaks Post author

    so u don’t consider lowering urself to my leval scorpio nasty
    do u realy think ur of fair mind
    im thinking hypocrite
    I don’t belive anyone is lower or above anyone else
    but that’s because I have a fair mind

  7. frankmac59

    My view is restricted to the very first proposition relating to health and I am assuming the poster is a smoker. Responding to other issues would distract from my point.
    If you wish to take risks with your life and that of others, then you should pay the price for that risk.
    It is not fair to expect others to bear that cost.
    Motorcyclists who choose not to wear helmets should pay for their ICU care when they sustain a head injury.
    Smokers who develop premature coronary artery disease, lung cancer, stroke or peripheral vascular disease should pay a premium either on their private health insurance (some already do) or by way of taxes to their government.
    If I choose a life style that will cause health issues to myself or others, then it seems to me that it is only fair that I contribute more to the public health system than someone who does not takes these risks.
    With personal rights also comes personal responsibility.
    What gives me the right to expect you to support my poor decisions?

  8. catlady

    You do raise quite interesting points Frank. As the wearing of crash helmets is compulsory in this country (England) I think you could quite make a case for those not wearing one to pay towards any injuries that they are treated for as a result. Although I am not a smoker I would not necessarily agree with your point on those. Many became addicted to the drug before they were aware of the consequences (less nowadays of course) also the tax on cigarettes is enormous and one of the reasons the government has done so little to stop smokers. I have written to my MP to say they should raise the age that you can smoke each year by a year. This would give the tobacco companies time to go into other areas and the government to get used to the reduced income from the duty. At some point you could then make cigarettes available by prescription only (when maybe the minimum age has gotten to 50) At this point there would be less and less smokers and the health risks would be at a minimum. I have seen many friends and relatives pass with smoking related illnesses, it would be good to see that end. Catlady.

  9. deaks Post author

    uve missed the point entirely
    its about our right of choise
    if your talking about moneythen why should my taxes go on rescue of those who swim in the sea or get lost in the mountains or are obiece and have medical attention for that
    or those that do not exercise and have illnesses related to that
    my smoking affect my self and a few around me but I donot drive
    those that drive affect affect everyone on this planet
    every choise in life we make affects someone else in someway or another
    its about tollerence I tolerate other peoples choises as they should mine
    wars are created because of intollerence

  10. vicndallastx

    Let me make this simple for everyone. Deaks ask “ Who has the right to judge“. I have the right to judge. Hence, you also have the right to judge. Telling someone else they have not the right to judge is in fact judging them. Everything that is, is YOU my friends. When you are gone so is the world. Worry not how others judge you, but rather rely on your own judgments. We all individually are universes unto ourselves. Live in that universe as you are the king. For indeed we all are the kings of our own universe.