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It has been said recently the First Person who will live a thousand years has already been born, Meaning we are on the brink of discovering ways to enable us to extend our lives for some considerable time, I believe this drug or procedure will eventually be restricted and probably only available for the wealthy and most creative people. Will this change things, Will Dictators who commit genocide think twice knowing they could be hounded for their entire lifespan, Will the people polluting the world with their greed realise its going to affect them now as well, Will the people who start wars and can stop them reconsider their actions, Will the awful people who have the power and money and still treat people poorly have enough time to change their ways, or will as I expect carry on regardless and wait till the certainty of their demise and then try to buy their way in to heaven.

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  1. waylander

    I suggest that anyone who comes up with something like that should be shot before their research becomes known. Their research should be destroyed and anyone suggesting other avenues to this end discouraged by any method necessary.

    There are far too many of us on this little blue planet as it is without increasing lifespans (even if it is only a few) exponentially.

  2. starlette

    Hello October…….it would change non of the aforementioned minds……..if they had any conscience or feelings of guilt they would stop these atrocities now…….on a smaller scale I see to many who think they can buy their way into “heaven ” (if there is any such place ) by attending church and saying all the right things, but they are just as guilty of mistreating people as the more powerful people in the world……..you are what you are, and if you have a nasty evil mind then I cannot see it diminishing with age………

  3. roseinbloom

    tommyh, first, you pose and interesting question and I may have more to say later as many blogs were published today, but I will say, it is not going to happen in the conceivable future and if it did, no none could predict the future evolution of the human species. It is not going to happen because we have reached our genetic potential in the industrialized countries a and in the USA the life span is getting shorter due to bad diet, bad habits and chemicals and solution mostly.
    The other response would be to speculate on what humans would do if they did live a 1000 years which would require more thinking and time but I will say that most people that I know did not improve with age. I hope that I did in some ways at least, butt I was extremely unselfish and helpful in my youth and I found that I needed to take better care of myself or I would not survive at all to help the people closest to me. I do have more understanding than I have ever had but I also have learned that some people are toxic and dangerous and need to be avoided like the plague. If lived a 1000 years, going in this direction and keeping my strength and vitality, I think I would invest more time working on the root causes and long term solutions.

  4. Rockflower

    I suspect that if it is ever possible to live for a 1000 years, the possibility will be reserved for certain elites. Regular folk will not get the option. Would I like to live that long? I don’t think so, what would the quality of life be? Would I have a fully functioning body? Would I have energy to pursue curiosity? Would I have any companion old friends and family? Would my brain be renewed to have perfect memory? At age 750yrs. would it be possible to remember my time at 21yrs? It all sounds pretty bleak to me. Then if it came to pass where would all these extra bodies live? If they needed food, where would we grow it? So if a humans were to live a 1000 years there would have to be strict regulation on who would be allowed to breed and on what babies got to live…wouldn’t there? It all sounds like great nightmare to me. So I’m with Waylander I think, incarcerate these scientists as mad.Far better these scientists strive to repair our planet from past human mistakes. They could also make the later half of our alotted time free from worry and pain.

  5. Tommy H Post author

    Well many thanks for your comments, As with all things future there could be many outcomes but not any that come to mind I want to see. I do feel sorry for my children We seem to be leaving them with insurmountable problems to cope with.

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