What’s your goal this week?

Assuming you have one... (My goal is that I don't let myself get so caught up in everything I want to do - that I forget to enjoy what I'm doing!)

Of course, life has thrown me a curve ball, so now i'm sick in bed. It's not really fair. I spent all last week and the entire weekend deferring my goals - to take care of my sick husband, sit with the grandkids so my daughter could run to 4 grocery stores, and work an extra day - so my boss could have enough holiday sweaters for Black Friday.

Today's goal is:

  1. Drink lots of tea, eat junky pastries (piteously moaning that bread settles my stomach) and cuddle my cat.
  2. Think hard about completing  our project.
  3. Think again, watch "Jaws" and eat more junky food.
  4. Text my husband to bring more tea, honey and brownies. Time to switch to hard-core sweets! I'm really going to enjoy that.
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  1. grandmaj

    Hello MsK, thought I would comment on your blog seeing as you went to all the trouble of writing one… Main goal is to wake up breathing lol I dont really have a serious answer. Curve balls are a pain , but nothing we can do about it but soldier on. Thanks for taking the time to write a blog….

  2. Ms. K. Post author

    Good morning, Grandmaj. Aren’t you a sweetie. Sometimes blogs interest people, and sometimes they don’t. That’s the way the ink dries. In my medicine-induced fogginess, I completely forgot that this week’s focus for a lot of people is Thanksgiving. LOL. So, today, i’ll be frantically going grocery shopping, ’cause I’m obviously not prepared.
    I’m also buying brownies.
    So, if anyone’s listening -Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. roseinbloom

    Ms.K. I enjoyed your blog because I relate to it. I also was sick and I am also on vacation and it is Thanksgiving, so I just wanted to address. All that at once. I have done. Quite well and have waited till today have pie and ice cream. Goals make a difference. Now, after today, I did not play but I leave a lot of space and yesterday went to lunch with friends and tomorrow, I will meet them again. It _ill be a good week

    1. Ms. K. Post author

      Glad you feel better, Rose! Happy late Thanksgiving. My kids and their families and my hub and I had a potluck brunch yesterday. the food was so varied and delish that I didn’t miss the traditional turkey and stuffing, etc. I took a doggie bag for later, so the feasting could continue, lol.
      I’m going to burn calories and garden today. I made a sausage bread pudding and also a sweet pumpkin/sausage one -which I vastly preferred. I like a good fry for my breakfast, I think, not puffy pastry mixed with custard.
      I missed a 6am text. My daughter wanted me to babysit while her husband was sick in bed. ;( I think he just ate too much. I ignored the phone and went back to sleep. 🙂
      Enjoy your week!

  4. roseinbloom

    Ms..K. your brunch sounds good. Tradition is good but times change
    My. Comment did not read correctly. I am on a cellphone and it is not easy to use. I was saying that my. Goal was to manage my ailment and pack and enjoy a vacation trip.I have done that we’ll since I made a small goal for each day.

  5. TheWalker


    With Christmas fast approaching I have quite a lot of goals this week.

    1. Collect my daughter from the Airport on her way back home from Abu Dhabi for the festive Period (8 hour drive)
    2. Get the last minute presents and food needed (already too much food ordered in my opinion)
    3. Make sure that our two traditional Christmas Films are ready for Xmas Eve (Muppett Christmas Carol and Its a Wonderful Life).
    4. Have Fun
    5. Smile and make people who mean a lot to me smile in return.

    I have great expectations of doing all these things until I get some roadblock or other that detours my attempts. Still its a good time of year and a great time to be alive.

    Life is good I intend to live it to the full.

  6. Ms. K. Post author

    Walker, you have a lot to do. Don’t forget to get some rest. I’m glad your daughter will be there for the holidays. I’m trying not to feel selfishly sad that both my daughters and their kids will be flying to California to spend the holiday with their dad. He deserves it.
    I like your smiling attitude! That’s wonderful. I hope you have a lot of fun.
    I agree, Life is good.

    1. Tommy H

      Well I have only just seen this but Yes got to have Goals Mine are quite important to me.

      Try to ensure I don’t upset the wife when I get in until I got my dinner.
      Kick my dirty clothes into the corner of the bedroom into a nice neat pile so she doesn’t trip over them anymore.
      Not to block the loo everyday and wee on floor. been using the towel but its now beginning to smell.
      Not to let the dog get in the bed after we been for a dog walk, She’s getting fed up with the mud.
      And on a Personal Note try o try to ensure I don’t keep running out of beer and nuts that really beginning to bug me.