What’s your favorite imaginary place?

I'm the family driver, but since I get lost easily, my excursions are limited. I have 5 brothers and sisters, and have always been dumbfounded by how easily they hop in a car and drive -to the beach, the mountains, or another state for vacation. I travel by train, bus, or once, by ferry.

So, as an armchair traveler, I depend on my imagination. Books are wonderful for transporting me, not only to other places, but inside other people's lifes. Georgette Heyer, biographies, Jayne Anne Krentz,  Jeffrey Deaver are just some of my favorite authors.

But,  in the dark of the night, when the neighbors are quiet, I dream of a little house near a beach, or sitting in an Irish pub, or being Shirley Valentine and finding that piece of me I've repressed for years. It wouldn't be in Greece, but somewhere greeny and friendly.


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  1. starlette

    Hello Mrs K……..I don’t have a imaginary place, the books I read are biographies/autobiographies…….so they are warts and all………my mind will wander sometimes to the Devon coastline……… my favourite books as a child were The Secret Garden, that was kind of magical and pure escapism, and Heidi…. the Swiss mountains…… Little Women another favourite, could sort of live in the girls world for a time……..

    1. len1932

      Whats wrong with Greece??? I lived there 4 years in the Air Force and was with the American Embassy at the Athens Airport. Nice beaches and lots of Greek food special items. Had to be careful with my children as many beaches are nude type. Old people love to cover themselves with the hot sand. Good for aches and pains but now have a live hot water bottle my small dog that lays where I put her .

      1. Ms. K. Post author

        LOl Len. I don’t like hot weather. Greece looks lovely in pictures, but the heat would make me faint. I’d never be able to wander around until sunset. So, Jamaica, Greece, Arizona (shudder), and all hot climates aren’t my cup of tea!
        Now, Ireland, Scotland, Tennessee, Kentucky, just to name a few, are my dream vacations. 🙂

        1. len1932

          I spent 4 years in Athens Greece area at the Airport with the Air Force attached to the US Embassy. I do not remember a lot of heat and we did not A/C in 1956 to 60. Northern California we have up to 110 here and will be over 100 all week. hottest summer on record last month and this

      2. Ms. K. Post author

        Hey Len, I make up for it by being very exotic in the kitchen. Once my husband opened the fridge and said, “Do we have anything normal and American in here?” (giggle) I replied, “Butter for the scones I made. Eat and be happy!”

        1. len1932

          My second wife is a fantastic cook and I get to try all kinds of her cooking ideas. Have Taste of Home cookbook collection for over 12 years. And get the monthly mag so she always is cooking. When we have a potluck at church each month, people come to me and say what did your wife cook?

  2. Ms. K. Post author

    Luuuv Little Women, and the whole Louisa May series. I even named my cat Tommy Bangs. the Walrus’s speech in Alice In Wonderland cracks me up!
    Nora Roberts is a gifted descriptionist – my own word, lol. Children’s picture books have the most wonderful illustrations.

  3. LoneRogue

    Hi Mrs. K,

    I can’t say I really have one but thinking about it, it would be somewhere in America’s past. I have at one time read a lot about western travel and exploration and Native American history before the white man began drastically destroying their culture would be where I would find great interest and would love to know far more about. Also America at the time of Daniel Boone which is much the same period.

  4. rose1943

    A very old Classic movie called “The Enchanted Cottage” is where I stole my wonderful peace-filled place to go. I can go there and sit on that window seat and gaze out the windows. For me, although not in the movie, beautiful snow is falling. I meditate there with my audio tape “Snow Dreams” and I leave everything behind me.

  5. Ms. K. Post author

    You know, Lone, I used to scoff at the Louis L’Amour books until I got bored and read one. It started my search for more cowboy lore and wilderness expeditions. The Civil War doesn’t interest me, but WW2 England does, especially novels set during that time.

  6. CSweet51

    I find myself in a log cabin with large windows in every direction in the mountains with snow all around. Of course I would have a large stone fireplace with a roaring fire to keep me warm and a library to keep me entertained. A large feather bed to snuggle in at night and a nice cozy recliner for day time. I would have internet connection though and other comforts of the modern world ie; coffee maker, indoor plumbing lol! but they would not get in the way of the peacefulness. Just a place to get away to escape for awhile.
    The books that you all mentioned happen to be some of my favorites also. must have been the era at our time.

  7. roseinbloom

    I don’t have a vivid imagination. I like to love where I live so I make my home one of my favorite places and always have. I think I would like to live in a commune with like minded folks. I would consider the quakers in Pennsylvania or the Unitarians if they get a communal housing on the east coast.
    I love the east coast and would love to live where history would be all around me. I always thought that I would be happier in Vermont or Masachusetts.
    How about Heaven? Has anyone ever imagined that? I don’t have an imagination.

    1. Ms. K. Post author

      Rose, Heaven is too big and lovely to imagine. It’s enough that one day I’ll be there, and see my dear dad, grandma, and dear friends.

    2. len1932

      The Lord tells us he has prepared a home for his believers. I cannot imagine what the Lord has for us, but we read there will be roads covered with gold.

  8. lilithr

    I have a sweet stone cottage in my dreams, the Outer Hebrides, and, yes, I love isolation and desolation. It seems to me that Jesus planted this love of solitude in me, it has been mine since childhood. The moment I fell in love with islands in the north, the scent of the sea, and all oceanic tales and legends, I started to sail toward them in my heart. To me, heaven is Jesus and His hand on mine as we sit on great boulders, listening to the seabirds and watching eternity in our spirits. Dear Lord, I am letting go of this troubled world, I am reaching out to You, confident in Your love and protection.