What are we all doing?

It's been so quiet lately. What's everyone doing? Fall cleaning? Filling the pantry for the upcoming winter months when it's too cold to venture outdoors? Falling asleep in front of the telly? lol. I like to do that now and then, especially movies. I'm very close to finishing my project, and am stress eating lots of toast and tea. I need to stop! My boss gave me a horribly ugly sweater and challenged me to make it Christmas cute. Well, thanks to YouTube and rusty crafting skills, I did, and am almost finished a second one. She's gotten into the act, so we sit in the back room, plying our needles, surrounded by rope glitter, holiday bits and pieces, watching monster movies and giggling. This is definitely the best job I've ever had!

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    1. Ms. K. Post author

      Star, are you saying that you’re almost done Christmas shopping and cards??? May I hate you, just a little, please? Good Lord, woman! Impressed and crying into my coffee with jealousy. lol I have 3 accidental presents. Oh no, I just remembered that St. Nicholas Day is December 6 (?), and like a loony tune, I dash to my kids homes with goodies to fill everyone’s shoes.
      Ahem, my kids are 33 and 30, with kiddies of their own. .. but, I can’t break the holiday habit! After all, I’m a cultural mixing pot, and started it all.
      Really, my Dutch great-granny is the actual St. Nicky culprit, lol
      Back to you -darn it, I gotta catch up with you, Star!

  1. starlette

    Art and design…….love it….put your very own slant on stuff……..as for me……well was clearing leaves yesterday, just opened the dustbin and there was a HEDGEHOG laying in a plant pot at the top of the bin, been there since yesterday, thankfully its still alive…….other than that ordinary mundane stuff……….wrapped the Christmas pressies and written the cards……..shoot me now…lol…..

  2. LoneRogue

    Knitting, I did that in grammar school during WW 2 as we kids were assigned to knit a 6 inch square wool patch which was going to be combined into a cover for “the troops”.

    My time lately is spent raking leaves and finishing a, long ago started, ship model.

    1. Ms. K. Post author

      Knitting sounds wonderful, Lone. I’m absolutely hopeless at it. Working on a model ship reminds me of boy’s adventure books I use to read as a girl like “The Happy Hollisters”, and “The Saturdays”. Maybe that’s what I’ll get my 9 year old grandsom for Christmas. Enjoy and Thanks for the idea!

  3. roseinbloom

    Mrs. K. Thanks for this fun blog. Do you work and get paid to do crafts? You did remind me that I could take a blouse or sweater and decorate it for Christmas if I decided to do that. You also reminded me that The FALL work outside needs to be done.What am I doing. I started a gym plan and I go 3 days a week and in between I am sore and not inclined to do much. I have organizing for winter. I wore my winter coat yesterday for the first time. I still need to locate a favorite winter scarf. I got the car serviced also. I will start baking soon. Cleaning and decorating awaits. TV and a nap is done as well to be honest. I am reminded that a need to step up the pace and thanks for the reminder.

    1. Ms. K. Post author

      Hi Rose. Glad you enjoyed this topic, just as much as I like reading the responses. Yes, I work in a little corner boutique, where our revamped items will be displayed. I also needed the reminder to winterize the garden, the windows, and my pantry. Star’s hedgehog anecdote was adorable; I’ve never seen a live one. Good for you on your gym dedication! Do you use the pool? I don’t limit it to swimming, because water exercise can be just as beneficial.
      I’m getting my car inspected this month. I love taking out the woolies and blankets!

  4. roseinbloom

    Ms, K, your work sounds good. I do not use the pool though I did a few years ago. Now I don’t want to bother with all the changing and getting wet. I also think that a class that is for anyone but mostly seniors is perfect for me. I like the expression woolies, though I am very allergic to wool and always have been. I hope you keep blogging, you are a positive person who can enjoy ordinary things.

    1. Ms. K. Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Rose. 🙂 I blog as thoughts occur to me. I like the whole exchange of ideas, anecdotes, and feelings.