What A Coincidence!

There have been many and varied responses to the question asked in the current blog WHAT'S THE ANSWER? - without doubt one of the most worthwhile blogs for a long time, for it (and the responses received) reflect the feelings of so many of us at this time.

To my coincidence, just last night my wife and myself were enjoying a Television re-run of an old George Gently program, and what else would appear on a TV screen in the program was the original speech - so well remembered by Enoch Powel which he made 50 years or so ago, warning in the most graphic terms of the problems we would face with continuation of the policy to accept immigrants with open arms from various parts of the world regardless of their race, faith or education - not even wondering if they could speak the English language or if they would even attempt to adapt our local customs!

If only we had listened then!


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11 thoughts on “What A Coincidence!

  1. starlette

    Hi Drummer……and now we have the present situation re the Election……but I am not even going to go there………no politics and religion allowed…….but all intertwined there if we go into a coalition……….hush my mouth….

  2. vonMichael

    Hello Drummer,

    I would add a different view on to your topic…. Those troublemaker of today
    have learned their lessons from us; from the English, the French, the Germans
    All have had their colonies, all of them have taken cruel and harsh actions in
    their time of stay to the population if I’m informed correctly.
    Most of them who come here to live with us have neither a skilled background
    nor a healthy perspective to reach their goals here.
    All their knowledge is enough for a life in their country and the economical condition
    their country is in. The daily temptations they get confronted with day by day here in
    our world are more ( to much ) of what they can take.

    So hate drops on an extraordinary well performed breeding ground here in our countries.

    If the situation is been judged this way Mr. Enoch Powel has said very true words at a
    point in time which was to early to think about.

    European countries should have never formulated an open border policy. Means;
    our countries have called for the devil not knowing how to get rid of it now.
    Kind regards, Michael

  3. Drummer Post author

    Hello Michael So pleased to get your response to my latest blog – you have summed up my feelings precisely, and I suspect the feelings of many of us.
    I am particularly concerned that here is New Zealand we are taking many refuges in, but at the same time we have a lot of our own people reduced to sleeping and indeed living in cars, particularly in and around our major City Auckland.
    one dares to ask – where will it end?
    Kind regards as always Drummer

  4. woodsie

    I think one thing missed here is the simple fact that it was ENOCH POWEL that was solely responsible for bringing in the immigrants to brake the strikes on the transport because they were not paid a living wage sounds familiar, Then he realised his mammoth mistake and wrote rivers of blood but far to late, business had realised a market of cheap labour there after those that do the work never got the rewards of there toil! Now they wish the manual worker to expire before they retire ?

  5. Drummer Post author

    Hi Woodsie – I must admit to being unaware of Enoch Powel pre-speech and his involvement with importing labour – it certainly makes me think – but then this is what Chatters is for. Regardless of the rights or wrong it still leaves us with something of a mess with too many people needing housing and nowhere near enough housing available – at least that people can afford – this I think is a worldwide problem – it certainly is here in New Zealand.
    Kind regards Drummer

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