Well, Are They Just After Your Money?!

A few days back Slim Jim posted Are They Just A Way to Make Money?

The question brought a number of responses appertaining to the possible meeting of anew partner using established dating agencies – the answer is obvious – Of Course they are a Way To Make Money – a legitimate business which many people take advantage of and if they do not make a profit, then they go out of business.

I would like to point out another, and I think much more pleasant approach to this age old problem. It is a simple system which I have used with success and doesn’t cost a great deal of money.

Quite simply I placed an advert in the personal column of the local daily paper setting out what I was seeking, gave brief details of myself and asked for those interested to write to me at the listed Box number(provided by Newspaper) giving their brief details (a photo would be nice) and their contact telephone number.

I had six replies all with a photo and contact telephone number which I could respond to, and after had a conversation and then maybe meet for dinner somewhere. I met all six ladies who responded and must say that I had six delightful evenings out – the first five we both agreed not to go any further for whatever reason, but the sixth one (who I had left until last because she was 12 years younger than me) turned out to be the one – by mutual agreement and we are still together 25 years later (22 years married).

When I embarked on this scheme I was into my early sixties – (my 88th birthday coming up and I have a delightful companion to share it with.

Why not give it a try!

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