Walk in the Grey 

“Its Sunday , we are both off work lets go for a walk ” said Mr Doc 

Really, but its freezing cold out there . said Mrs Doc

Come on , lets get wrapped up and go for that walk, ” said Mr Doc  

So, we put on our thermals, hats, coats , gloves and scarves and off we went.

Luckily for us our nearest supermarket is next to the place we wanted to walk so we did some essential shopping first then off we went. it was a very grey day very cold with some squally showers as well.      The  River Thames is very close to where we live and a short walk from the shops and we were there. The plan was to walk along the river for a while and brave the cold wind and showers.

Believe it or not this is a colour photograph but these ducks didn’t look  colourful today, like us they looked cold and asked were we Quackers being out in the cold.


Grey looking water and grey looking clouds good job concrete is coloured grey , it fitted in quite nicely here.  This is the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge , a bit of a reminder for me as its where I work  !  

At last some colour , seen on these tug boats moored up having a rest in the cold. 

These wind turbines in the distance looked like alien spacecraft emerging from beneath the waves . Even if they looked grey they still looked a bit alien to us. 

Stand by for some interesting facts :  There are two of these one each side of the River Thames . They dominate the skyline and at night glow red with lights to show any aircraft they are there   ! 

Built in 1965, the 400 kV Thames Crossing is an overhead power line crossing of the River Thames, between Tilbury and Greenhithe Marshes in Swanscombe, Kent, England. Its towers are the tallest electricity pylons in the UK, with a span of 1372 metres or 4501 feet.

We soon decided to turn around , there were other people walking along the river and as we passed each other we all commented on the cold weather. 

On the walk back to the car this small bird showed its colour against the grey , a rewarding sight to end our walk in the grey. 

Doc 1 

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  1. I was thinking of doing the same type of walkabout Doc. Thanks for the pics. Here in N.I. that’s usual weather. At least you and the Mrs are out that’s the good point.

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