It seems that I tend to rely on flowers as my interpreters for seeing life. It is not just flowers that fascinate me, it is anything that emerges from a grave and gives beauty. Someone asked me why I liked writing about trees? Trees are life! Trees offers so much, but flowers offer hope as well as color. I am not a botanist, but I read (reference below) that when a plant is stressed, they have built-in devices to regenerate. Regenerating and overcoming stress are heavenly gifts. Flowers are symbolic of regeneration, I guess that is why graves are covered in artificial flowers, symbols of regeneration, or just for decoration?  I had a family member say once that, “the plastic flowers are outward symbols that this person may be gone, but not forgotten.”  I don’t forget my loved ones, they are always in my memories the beautiful smiles, the laughter of crazy antics, and special moments in life we shared, so when I see a flower emerging, I remember my loved ones.  I use the flower as a metaphor for overcoming hurdles in my life,  I am trying to adopt the ‘upsy-daisy’ attitude that no matter what knocks me down that I will attempt to regenerate by emerging from the darkness and producing something beautiful it maybe a simple hug for someone facing a hurdle like the loss of someone special in their life. Perhaps a simple hug will be like a beautiful flower; maybe it will bring color to someone in need. 

ref: (Plant regeneration: cellular origins and molecular mechanisms)

Mary 3/13/20

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    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. You are both correct…nature is unconditionally in our favor. Too bad we do not feel the same way about nature or perhaps we do, with plastic flowers.

  1. A thoughtful and inspiring poem in many ways , the basis being flowers is very precarious , sometimes natures army of vicious prickly plants such as thistles , they thet their thorny thithells and cause great harm,

    1. Wilbur, it was nice meeting you today in the chat room. Thank you so much for reading my blog, and yes thistles are prickly , but this poem was more on the loving side, I hope not so prickly. Thanks again for reading and leaving a comment.

    1. Way, I did not mean for you to leave this morning in comments. I do appreciate you reading this blog and …you’re right…I guess that is why rock markers with names and plastic flowers…to assure that the name remains for hundreds of years.

    1. I guess I’ve heard a lot about the phoenix since about 2009…burning away all the outside to rise as a beautiful creature. Overcoming social acceptance is a very important part of it apparently. But not caring whether anyone accepts you is possibly the hardest part of it all. Thank you for sharing.

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