Up A Tree

I suddenly found myself up in a tree. I am not sure how I got here. I was really trying to figure out how and looked down. Yikes! A big tree, a tall tree, but how? When? Well, old girl, you have lost it this time. There is no way you can tell anyone about this one. What am I talking about? I can’t even get to the computer. Hey, where am I?

If I don’t know the answer to that I bet someone is going to come along and ask me who the President is again? I gotta get down. How? I start studying the branches to see which ones look like they could hold me. Oh, I see a large rope-like string on the branch just two branches down and maybe six feet over. The bark on this tree is scratching my arm. I guess pinching myself is silly if the bark is hurting me. This is a strong branch, I am on so here goes. I think I am going to test the one below… it gives but feels strong enough. I feel the bounce, wow, this branch goes up and down, I think I better sit on it. I have a good grip of the trunk so here goes. What fun. I forgot how much fun it is to climb a tree. That breeze is so nice on my face. I can see the ground a bit better. Hay, this is my backyard. I see the dogs down there. How in the heck did I get here. When? I have to hang on tight it seems this branch wants to swing a bit. I guess when you hang on tight a little swing is not so bad. I just realized I am not on my oxygen. I feel fine. Am I dead.. again? I hate it when this happens. Coming back is so hard to do. Okay. I gotta get to that rope I know I can use it to get me down.

Och… I skinned my knee. I can’t do that if I am dead. Can I? I am going to slowly lower myself to that branch. Hay, that was not so bad. Now, I gotta sit down and grab that rope. I am going to hug the trunk and lower myself that way. Three good hugs should do it, each one is a little lower than the last. Here goes. I did it, I did it. My arms are stronger than I remember. My legs have gotten a workout with all the bouncing and balancing. One more hug and I should be able to sit. Yeah! The rope is bigger than it looked. I am trying to see just how long it is. I pulled it towards me. It is laying kind of on and off all the way down the branch. Oh, the wind is picking up. I will tie to rope around me and hang it onto the tree trunk. Suddenly, I see there is a huge kite tied to the rope. I looked down and a stick with more of the rope is wrapped around it and the rope has caught itself on the branches of this tree. That means it is long enough to reach the ground. I am going to pull the kite towards me. I will tie it around my waist so I don’t lose it. The wind, oh, no. I am hanging on for dear life. The kite is caught in the wind and it is taking me with it. Here I go.

The world looks beautiful from up here. I feel so free. The dogs are barking. Oscar is scampering up the tree. Like he could stop any of this from happening. I really do not know what is happening but I have finally decided to let it all unfold. I can’t change the route but I can change how I look at it. I can see the beauty. I am so grateful I have sight and can see all this. I am glad I can hear the birds singing and the dogs barking. I can feel the scratches on my arms where the tree bark rubbed me. I can smell….. I smell yuck! I have the worst taste in my mouth. I look up… I might have known… pigeon poop. I guess it was my turn. We all know you can’t go anywhere to escape Karma. I must have been on someone’s poop list and did not know it. The wind is calming down now. Oh, look. How absolutely wonderful.

The kite has flown right into a rainbow. I am going through reds, pinks, greens, yellows, oranges, purples, and white; all with their separate spaces in the rainbow. They share the same bow, the same moisture, equal in all manner of existence. All the colors have equal value in all respects. What a feeling. I wonder. I look up and feel love all around me. Nothing else matters right this minute but the love. Wow. Thank you. I see a field below full of flowers of every hue. I remember pointing out a rainbow to a man on the street once. He shrugged and said. “Rainbows are nothing but drops of water reflecting light.” I looked at him, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “Right, and humans are nothing more than carbon and water.” Rainbows are a bow of promise all can see and experience. I think I know how to get across Rainbow bridge now, I will need a kite.

I feel a nudge. I feel it again. It is wet and cold. It is Bella… she hates it when I sleep too long. I woke up full of joy and awe. I asked myself why did I feel pain in my dream. I don’t remember ever feeling it before. Then just as quickly the answer came to me… “No one knew, after all, it was my dream.”

There is a place for absolutely everything and every creation. Some are here just long enough for us to learn what we need to learn. Some take longer. All are important lessons. I am so glad I am here to tell you about my last adventure. If you ever find yourself up in a tree… look for the string. It is well worth the journey.

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  1. They do have a swift way of going on when we awake. I want you to know how much it means to me that you read and comment on my little stories. I am new at this still at this. I treasure every comment. Thank you for sharing yours with me.

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