Tribalism – Good or bad?

Globalism, nationalism, socialism, communism, racialism and on and on. Are they not basically developments of the original tribes which gathered together for survival against wildlife’s dangers and dangers from other gatherings?

In our modern world are we ready to assimilate as one world without borders?

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  1. starlette

    Hello LoneRogue, can never see that happening…….WORLD UNITITY aint never gonna happen……..we all like our own little pockets and places…….but I think we pull together when needed if only to fight the enemy……….for us all to think the same, have the same ideals and worship the same god would take a miracle…….would be peaceful yes ….but how boring….

  2. LoneRogue Post author

    Good. Your thinking is as mine that the current move to border-less, or at least open movement and resettlement to other countries, is not widely wanted. The movement to large governing bodies like the United Nations, The EU have moved beyond working to do as the collective countries may want to promoting expansion and regulations created by their ideas of what the world should look like as opposed to many of their member countries. Already great change has taken place in encouraging and implementing mass migrations.

    How will the differences between the globalist thinking and a more tribal nationalism be worked out. Can, should, it continue?

  3. roseinbloom

    Lone rogue, I like globalism. I see Asians becoming visible on TV and in other places and moving out of their “pockets” and places and opportunities of their choosing. I see other minorities having more freedom to move into more places and having more freedom and visibility and suffering less from discrimination.
    I think ECONOMICS is driving this globalism and as long as that is the case, it will continue. An Asian may look different on the outside but be a whole lot more LIKE Me than many people who look like me so I am happy and want out of my POCKET and have pursued opportunities to do that.
    You ask an interesting question, but you appear to be a white male and you never suffered from discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, race, or gender or sexual preference and may like a pocket that you are in. Please try to look at it from the perspective of those that may love their own people but need to participate in the larger economic and cultural opportunities.

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      Globalism when including all groups from all parts of the world is more what I am asking about in this post.

      Yes I am a white male. Does that make me persona non grata as to asking questions and having opinions and do I get credit for some of the successes our country has had from “white males”?

    2. starlette

      Well I don’t like controversy more than the next but I feel I have to speak more on this topic…… would appear that you are discriminating against LoneRouge by your statement that because he is a White male he would never experienced discrimination……… wrong you are Rose…….my grandson travels extensively and has not been allowed to travel on buses in some other countries……..why…….because he is a white male……. they are far from as accepting as us as you would wish us to be of them……you talk of tolerance and unity, I for one do not wish to adopt and follow barbaric practices of many countries, will never accept them, and I do not welcome them in my country either………I also follow the saying “There but for the grace of God “…….. but I am neither stupid, naïve or blind…….I see what is happening around me in my country on a daily basis, and I do not like what I see…… me racist or whatever you wish……..trained professionals from other countries we need……….groomers and abusers we don’t…….men who treat their own women like dirt, and white women even worse……….as for being better or worse……..well yes I do think and know I am better than a lot of people……..just follow the news and see the atrocities that are happening around the world and you will also put yourself in the higher bracket too………you will never change peoples up bringing, culture and religion……its instilled in them………let them practice what they will where they will………..but don’t ask me to be accepting of it………….because believe me they are not accepting of us…..

      1. roseinbloom

        Starlette. We like our little corner of the world to the same with the same people, but I was speaking to Lone rogue who I believe lives in the USA and belongs to the group that is in power. Christian white males. In Muslim countries, it would depend on national relationships. Lone rogue cannot speak for the groups for which he does not belong or know their suffering,
        In your country, you have citizens from colonies in diverse regions and some are creating problems in your country.Most are being good citizen and adding another layer of culture which will make an improvement overall.
        The USA has been and still is being enriched and made proud by the very groups that we discriminate against the most.
        Not allowing a man to speak for me is not discriminating against him. He just may not think a woman has the right to an opinion.

    3. LoneRogue Post author

      Well I resisted answering your post trying to understand it. I still don’t but will respond anyhow.

      I think small. Family, neighborhood, country, and I thank goodness that our fore bearers did too. Though, I hope and care that others around the world are able to have a safe satisfying life, I do not consider it my responsibility and I do not consider it my countries responsibility. I hope that what other countries do for their people is as honest and caring as what our country has done for us in the past. Sadly very many have not had as good opportunities as we have. I do not feel that the blame for that lies with the USA.

      My thoughts on tribalism are that responsibility for ones own offspring is primary and part of that responsibility is that surrounding ourselves and our families with people of like hopes and beliefs. Government at least here in the US is charged with protecting it’s people and not in allowing everyone which wish to come here that opportunity. I would like our government to help in many ways, the governments in needy countries to provide as good a life as we have, BUT, allowing our borders to be crossed at will, IS NOT a part of the help I feel we should give.

      Your bringing up my sex and skin color I believe is a blatant racial slur. Is that not “prejudice”?

      1. Ms. K.

        Lone, you made a well-thought out statement. Our society is erroneously labeling on “white males” as the enemy. As a mixed chick, I can honestly say that both black and white women can demonstrate just as much prejudice. Women are not better than men, just different. All of this rhetoric would be better served in practical terms such as:
        Improving poor inner city schools, re-evaluating the school system so that young adults graduate with useful skills in case they’re unable to attend college or trade school, and penalizing corporations/businesses who take jobs overseas – thus denying Americans the opportunity to make good, solid livings for themselves and their families.
        As an ex-flight attendant, I visited many small, American cities that had died due to the lack of industry. Boarded up stores downtown, poverty, and people moving away from their family circles to find jobs.
        When I hear people blaming the ills of life on this entitled white man crap, I get pretty upset. I don’t like people being used for target practice.

  4. roseinbloom

    Lonerogue, We all see things from our own perspective and many people have a wider perspective than others. You can take credit for what you have done yourself but you also have to take blame for what you did not do.
    I choose not to go into details; this site does not like us to be too controversial. We are here to share and learn and to respect each other in the process. I can be proud of my country and also just as proud of another country. I can like my group and like another group just as much or more. Most people are not like me. I don’t think.
    I was taught “there but for the grace of God go I”. I try hard to remember that. I am not better or worse than anyone else except for my actions. Neither are you.

  5. vonMichael

    Tribalism as the word explains itself is y very narrow view on the social,- culture and
    socio-economic alignment of one tribe within the association of one country and
    finds its roots mainly in Arab- and African coutries.

    In our days this derived term is been used to explain special groups within a society
    such as the immigrants whereas other tribes exists.

    Your question LR sorry to say that has no substance in our European countries any
    more cos the aristocracies don’t play political rules since the 16ths century.

    In the history of Italy you will find the word family which replaces the special tribe
    within the country.

    The easiest way to explain that term for our countries here in Western Europe can
    be found in ** winner & loser ** well off and well down, rich and poor, educated and
    You live in the USA and please take a look around you and you will find some more
    existing tribalism maybe in your neighborhood, your city ( county ) a.s.o.
    In the UK the different unions created an isolated tribalism formation for their
    members only. Just look a few centuries back. Michael

  6. jessamyne

    In this country, we have reverse discrimination. Minorities get preferential treatment for job, benefits, education.

    I think it’s about time people put their money where their mouth is. Stop giving lip service to equality for ALL, and make it a reality.

    ‘Nuff said.

  7. starlette

    Money is power………knowledge is power………some have both…..some have none………..we like to think the world has moved on from slavery but it has not, how many cases are now coming to the surface where people have and are being kept as slaves in domestic households……….how many cases of immigrants being sent out in the fields to work for no pay, just scraps of food to keep them alive, they maybe illegal so have no choice but to do this………but what I am saying is that this is happening in the UK……..a “civilised ” country,
    common sense will never prevail……..greed will…….

  8. LoneRogue Post author

    Oh, Starlette you are in a dark mood here. Aren’t you focusing on all the worst situations and feeling that is our world? I get upset at our world for some things but it is ours and we must have hope. Cheer up young lady. …smile…

  9. rose1943

    Indeed, Starlette. It’s true. Terribly difficult to watch others have to suffer, they cannot be brushed under the carpet. I can’t stop thinking about those poor people in Puerto Rico, most without power, drinking water that is full of disease. My world doesn’t feel good with all that doing on. This is totally unjust and again, money is power. I hope to God none of us will ever have to encounter these situations. But, today, you never know. A missile could come any minute here.

  10. Whitewaves

    I live in a country obsessed with tribalism, it rules our laws, our crime is race/tribe/ political party based we have laws insisting jobs are allocated on your race, and gender, our history is soaked in blood of racialism, ‘Racist’ is the most common insult shouted in the street. Tribalism is here to stay, people can only feel comfortable and safe in a situation they understand, were they understand the language. The very best we can hope for is that people cease to fear the other person, have equal opportunities and see a true equality. then hate and violence can be reduced, never completely eradicated as man is a competitive violent animal.

  11. rose1943

    Here in Chicago, where I was born and raised, we were separated by “neighborhoods.” On the north side neighborhood called LakeView, ours and I STILL live here….were the Germans. German delis, restaurants, butchers, our parish church…all German. Next to ours, the mixture of German and Polish. Down a ways, the huge Polish neighbrhood….we identified them by parishes and church names. The Irish were a ways down as well. The south side was the same. Pullman was strictly Irish at that time. Beverly was Italian. Not to forget the Greeks sort of smack in the middle. I made many close friends working at the FEderal Reserve Bank…..they came from all over the city. One Crotian friend lived at 83rd and Buffalo, to the east of South Shore Drive. This was named ” The Bush”, all the Steel Workers and their families lived there , mostly Croatian and Polish.
    Maybe we were tribal? Since then, we became a huge melting pot. I could write loads and loads about this city….but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, right?

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