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Hello Everyone,

I've been a travel nurse since January 2016.  I've worked in Colorado twice, Maine and Wyoming.  I decided to give the desert a try.  I start working tomorrow, June 1st in Kingman, Arizona.  I booked a place for a month in Bullhead City.  Wow!  what a difference.  The elevation in Kingman is 3333 ft, while Bullhead city is only 506.  What this means, temperature wise, is there is anywhere from a 10 to 20 degree temperature difference.  Right now it is 86 in Kingman, and in Bullhead city 97.  Let me add that it is only 12 noon here.  Big difference in the evenings.  Kingman will drop down to very low 70's in the evening.

In Bullhead City you are lucky if it gets below 90.  I have booked a place in Kingman starting the 1st of July for the rest of my stay.  CAN'T WAIT!!!!  I have learned some lessons.  For instance, never take a warm or hot shower.  Although the surface of the air inside may feel cool, there is an undercurrent of heat that never goes away.  You'll just end of sweating badly.  Another thing is, never take butter out to soften without first putting it on a saucer.

Again, regardless of how cool you might think it is, there is that undercurrent of heat.  Also, make sure you keep lots of water in the fridge.  By mid-morning, the coolest the tap water gets is warm.  One more thing, for now.  When you first get out of bed in the morning and the place feels a bit chilly, NEVER ever ever turn the air up a few degrees.  Let it stand where it is.  If you give the heat an inch, it will take a mile.   That is all for now.

Time to get ready for my first day tomorrow.  I hope everyone is having a good day.  Stay cool!

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  1. roseinbloom

    Debraj. I am impressed by your adventurous spirit and I am glad you shared what you have learned in the dessert. I never heard about that under current of heat. I traveled from Kentucky you SanDiego and back in April, this year. I learned a lot about the desert. At 3300 feet, I think that would be high desert and 506 feet is low desert. The desert is a challenge, but has its own beauty and ways. Have you experienced a dust storm? I hope you will come back and post an update.
    I guess you keep your AC high if butter melts to a liquid. Little changes make life different. I hope you enjoy the desert.

  2. debraj Post author

    Thank you for the well wished. I will definitely keep you updated. Will include some photos next week. I’ve been here less than a week, so I’m sure there is much more to learn. I have been focusing on staying hydrated, replacing electrolytes and using sunscreen. Thank you all again. Speak again soon. 🙂

  3. CSweet51

    Deb, best wishes in your new job. The southwest has it’s own beauty about it. So different from the rest of the country.
    Make sure you have sun glasses. The sun always shines…always shines…lol!! It’s great you have a gift that you can use (nursing) anywhere in the country. Enjoy your new adventure!

  4. debraj Post author

    Thank you CSweet51! I bought a new pair of sun glasses before I left Colorado. Yes, THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES!! LOL
    It is a bit of a challenge for me. Rain, thunder and lightning is my favorite weather. Won’t see much of that here.
    Trying not to compare it to anywhere else, just take it for what it is, and there is a lot of beauty here.