Too Nice.

Too Nice.  The worst, worst thing I just can’t stand.

Sorry Ladies but this is mostly about You, mostly.

When driving around which I try to keep to a minimum. On occasions, There is only enough room for one car to drive through at a time. So I will stop and flash to advise the other driver to proceed, In which quite often the other driver being usually a lady will stop and do the same. Why o Why do you do that !. It drives me potty. We are both sat stationary waiting for one of us to go.

Note to Drivers: If someone stops to let you go Bloody do so. xx

Thanks, Tom.


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16 thoughts on “Too Nice.

  1. sweetlady1946

    LOL Tom Tom Tom.. not all of us are BLONDE I promise you!!!! 🙂
    We wave them on here, hand signals as opposed to smoke. Works. Miles of smiles accompanying them of course. Courtesy always pays dividends!! 🙂

    Some of the worst drivers are women, I grant you that! FOR SURE.
    Patience my friend..
    Sincerely, sweetlady1946

  2. sweetlady1946

    Sweet the rule of thumb is the first one there goes first.. I know they don’t always but they are supposed to obey traffic laws like the rest of us. 🙂

  3. starlette

    Hi there Tom……..don’t you know its not the done thing to go around flashing at………..well I was taught on driving lessons to ignore anyone flashing you to go, always wait till you can see for yourself if the road is clear……but it is the done thing………ladies are courteous and a tad over cautious, no bad thing, and they pay less for their insurance because research shows they have less accidents,
    just saying……..

  4. roseinbloom

    Being too nice is not usually a problem. Driving in different countries and different locales is different. I have taken safe driving courses several times and all intersections should be approached with caution. We recently avoided an accident because we were gong very slowly and we were in the wrong. There are many different types of intersections in this country and in this country we often take road trips of two or three thousand miles.
    I never remember who has the right of way when I come to a four way stop. I was taught that you look to make sure that the other car is stopping.
    I am not an experienced driver and I am not a good driver but I am courteous and try to avoid accidents. There are very excellent blond and women drivers, though I am not one of them.
    Driving seems to be a talent, but we can all be considerate and courteous drivers. Being too nice is usually not a problem. So far, it has never caused me a real problem. In this country, we have more of a problem with road rage. People have shot and killed each other, taken out baseball bats to autos, and once I was in a car that was chased by an auto pulling a large boat.
    Road rage is the problem here.

  5. rose1943

    I don’t drive. Tried long ago but I knew with my hyper reflexes I would kill people. My husband constantly complains about women drivers. You’ll see that here in Chicago a lot. Perhaps they have too much to think about?

  6. vonMichael

    No, no, no the driveability of women has got nothing to do with the hair
    colour they are wearing what I’ve noticed so far by more than 54 years of
    driving time.
    The driveability depends very much on the age a women has had when
    she made her drving test and licence.
    A women at the age of 30-/35 years who starts with the driving lessons will
    drive far more considerately than a young women at the age of 18/20 years.
    The childhood and the later upbringing ( with care and respect ) form their
    way of thinking and decisioning ( more defensive!! ).
    By my opinion a man should behave like a gentleman ( open a door for her
    and placing a chair next to the table for her )
    Rambo behaviourism doesn’t brings anybody further. Michael

    1. roseinbloom

      Von michael. I agree with you. I appreciate your wise statements. Blond women inspire a lot of negative feelings and notions. Why???? I have always been blond and I never understood it but had to deal with it, but most of the time, I was too busy to notice. I was busy doing all the things most people never imagine that I did or could do. I did learn to drive late, and was never a good driver. A big admission, men have always done all or most of my driving, which is another reason, I am not a good driver. I love city living and I do not need to drive enough to gain skills.
      We just had a layer of snow so now that is another reason not to drive.

  7. Tommy H Post author

    Not sure where the Blonds comes into it but it proves Blonds have more fun.
    I did have an interesting time in a school car park once. We had a large lorry due to drive right in and lift a container on to the back of his lorry with the lorry crane. We informed all staff not to park anywhere near the container. We coned off the whole surrounding area in front of the container with a dozen cones with zigzag tape attached. but one teacher decided to park her car in front anyway if she broke the tape and promptly went off to London with the car keys on a school trip with the children, We had some fun getting the job done but still achieved it. When we finally found out who the car belonged to I politely asked WHY ? The blond lady said She could see her car could squeeze between the bollards ? xx

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