Tidy 2020

There are many things in the year 2020 that I think should be noteworthy, but a raid on toilet tissue was not one of them. Corona virus is an entity that has potentially kicked science in the backside, literally! So instead of hoarding paper products, why not essentials, like the 2012 controversy of the elimination of the Hostess snack cake, called 'Twinkies'.  Now that was noteworthy! There was an outrage that this little cake was about to leave the shelf in what was referred to the 'Mayan Apocalypse"when huge numbers were swept off the shelves before its demise. Hostess was unable to continue the production and the cake was to re-emerge in 2013 by another company.  

I remember in late 70's when a pioneer book series was introduced and bought by many people, with recipes of homemade soap, and many other old country ways of doing things in a survival situation. I believe it even told how to survive with an outhouse and corn cobs...or at least a Sear's catalog. Not once, did I hear of it saying, go strip the stores of toilet tissue! It's focus was how to survive without man-made products. As many of you may remember these books, but I was in high school during that time and apocalypse was not a worry of mine, yet I knew a few people who bought the whole series of these pioneer survival books, and they had 'dog-eared' the pages. 

 Some say it is because of an election year, perhaps, but a pandemic is beyond politics. Vulnerability is personal, especially when families are involved. I guess the toilet tissue keeps the vulnerability from becoming raw.  

Mary 03/15/20

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  1. While the “Aztec 2 step” is not a symptom of this virus, I assure you that in the case of dysentery, or anything resembling it, even the softest toilet tissue will not prevent rawness.

    1. I was referring to the rawness of being vulnerable….but hey, you are correct, if the Amazon 2 step was an issue, but it isn’t –Way. I guess I’m trying to make sense of the tissue issue. HA!

  2. I’m still trying to figure out the toilet paper issue.. But hey went to Walmart today and the only isle that was full was the Candy Isle.. lol soooo got my tootsie rolls LOL Its crazy here.. now all restaurants and bars have to close til march 30 pick up or drive through only.. There goes me eatting out for St Pattys Day.. have to make it at home.

    1. Aww, Nan I know the inconvenience is horrible, but safety is important. Toilet tissues is the comic relief in this whole weird scenario, lol….Toilet tissue double whammy, gets a kicking and yet it still gets flushed in the end. Keep smiling Nan.

      1. It’s not only Toilet paper, I went to the supermarket this morning mainly for cat food. Whilst I was there I noticed no rice or pasta. The majority of who would of purchased it have never ever cooked at home.
        F.O.M.O (fear of missing out)
        I can only hope that they all get buyers remorse when they need their money for important things.

        1. Well Pronto, there are many different reasons for it being gone, could it have been a nursing home or children’s home? But the fear of doing without has panic stricken customers, store stripping, let’s hope commercial retail does use fear marketing in the future. Lol.. Because I like toilet tissue.

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