Thoughts on Great Britain

A recent blog from vonMichael gave me cause to consider his thoughts on whether or not Britain would retain the traditional name of Great Britain - My mind went back to the World War Two years when with constant threats of enemy attack by Land Sea and Air, the country held firm withstanding heavy bombardment by Massive Air Strikes as well as by sea.
To have lived in Britain at that time and witness the massive bombing raids on our cities on a daily and nightly basis entitled those living there the right to regard themselves as residents of Great Britain and this to my mind will never ever change.
Of course we didn't do it all alone, we received massive support from America and other English speaking nations worldwide.
I feel this is an appropriate time to remember exactly what we went through, and as we now approach Armistice Remembrance day, it is fitting to remember all of those who gave their lives in order that we may live.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning - we will remember them!

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7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Great Britain

  1. goldengirl1224

    A very good and apt summary, Drummer….we owe so much to the many who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today, Let us never forget that great sacrifice…. And also remember and respect those serving in the forces today to maintain our freedoms and the life we are able to enjoy.

  2. Harry lad

    Although I was born in England 87 years ago
    I was British first and if I did have to think about it I suppose I was English
    But in recent years I have reluctantly accepted that the term ‘British’ is losing its identity
    I can understand the national pride of the Scots, Welsh and Irish
    ( mostly because my family history is mixed between all of them )
    but I find the nationalistic excesses so very sad
    Still very much ‘British’ and so very much proud of it

  3. Cloudless13

    This is Great Britain, England. It has to stay that way for all history to come, for it owes so much to its past, the millions of people killed protecting its country and way of life… My dad fought abroad for 6 years in the RAF in world war two.. my mother was on duty doing black out calls in London. My grandfather was in world war one, and on goes such a past of family history, something I am dearly dearly proud of. I even in my family had a great great and on grandfather who was on one of the first tea clippers to sail the seas, he was an officer. My mother was born under the sound of Bow Bells a true cockney, and I would have been also had they not been out of commission at the time.

    I fear that we might be robbed of our name, why? It seems many a drummer for whom used to play music in different countries wants to change what we have for many reasons. Yet change what is our right to honer not only our past but our right of future would be the end of total respect for this dear country…. I wont ramble on more, this is not meant to be an offensive scrip answer, just a right of comment and support for dear old Great Britain our England. :>)

    1. Cloudless13

      OOOO I have just thought….. I put in my last paragraph above,, “many a drummer for whom used to play music etc…… I did not mean the lovely many who wrote this……. it was a play on words meaning the beat of drums from other countries.. marching here with change in mind… sorry drummer. :>)

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