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Isn't it curious how we form opinions about people we meet in this virtual world... we are so very much disappointed when they say and/or do something which we find so contrary to our beliefs. They always reveal themselves - eventually - and the true nature they possess. And we are surprised, but maybe it was there, staring at us all along. And when that happens there are still those who do not, or will not acknowledge the evil festering under the surface of these people. They hide behind their masks of fun and honesty and truth. Such is life, even in the real world.

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  1. Scorpio

    You seem a little upset dog has something rubbed you up the wrong way. All joking aside I know what you mean. I have found 99% of sc members to be really genuine friendly folk. l did experience one, who shall remain nameless, person who didn’t come into that category but I decided not to let it worry me as one always finds one rotten apple in the barrel.I don’t wear rose coloured glasses but I do look for the good in people and usually find it. ☺

  2. roseinbloom

    2 doghouse, I am sorry that you are coming to grips with this ugly experience, but as you say that you are surprised or disappointed when someone shocks you after you have more experience with them. The other people do not have your experience so they are still in the deceived state. Or is it at all possible that you yourself may have misinterpreted something? Knowing you and knowing that there are wolves who dress as sheep, I consider your judgement sound so you also know that there are people like that and they need to be tolerated as best we can. Who knows what is making them act the way they do.

  3. roseinbloom

    2 doghouse, I have had few incidents but I have had people who stink to high heaven calling me a skunk, so you are right; it happens. Good people make us feel good and bad people make us feel bad that is human, but like Scorpio says, there are only a few bad apples, or sometimes people will just misunderstand. I have also had it in real life. so the virtual world is not all that different.

  4. Nita60

    I’m going to just jump in here. I just found Senior Chatters a week ago. I am finding it hard to navigate, and to just jump in and chat. I have tried joining groups on Meetups, but I do find it hard to meet new people, and that has always been true. I am somewhat worse now since I lost my husband of 34 years in Dec. of 2014. I feel like he was so much part of me and my whole identity was kind of merged with his. Now I wonder if people are kind, but kind of avoid me because I was the lesser interesting person. My husband was a truly amazing guy, and the terrible grief since he died (young, only 58), and I am not over the grief yet. I’ve also been on lots of sites that sound good, but end up just being another dating site. I don’t want to date, and I feel that there won’t ever really be another person who is as well suited to me as my husband was. I try however to stay open minded. I really am just very, very lonely. I have 1 son who is 31 and is living with me for now as he is working on a Master’s degree and also works. I have a big house, and he’s a pretty quiet guy, so it works fine. It’s also helpful having him around because he can do the things that are to difficult for me. Still, life has been really hard and I have also lost friends who seem to feel that there is a time limit on grieving. I am not sure what people really want. I volunteer every week at the Children’s Hospital here, and I try to find meetings of people who might be in similar circumstances…wondering what the future holds for me, and still not able to make my brain be back to what it used to be in order to do what needs to be done. I would like to just talk to people about whatever is interesting to all of you. I hope that this is a start to finding people who like to chat, but maybe leave out Politics and Religion, lol!

    1. 2doghouse Post author

      hello Nita60… it’s always a difficult time when you lose a loved one. It’s so true what you say about your identity being merged. It’s easy to forget you were, and are, your own person. Don’t worry, you’ll find yourself. And there is no time limit on grieving. Take your time and be very good to yourself.

      1. Nita60

        Thank you for your reassuring words. I am trying, but some days are really difficult. It doesn’t help that so much is changing in the world, and there is no one there to fall back on and tell me everything will be alright! Often it’s just enough to talk to someone. However, I am reluctant to call the few friends I have. It’s a burden for them and I worry they will stop wanting to hear from me!

    2. roseinbloom

      Welcome to senior chatters. Nita, 60. I understand your problem. A widow loses her female friends, they don’t want female friends. Many clubs only allow men or their wives and If your husband had connections they are lost to you. Grieving is a forever process, but trying to become functional and creating a new life and a new identity is what you have to do, just no there choice. It is also an opportunity to just be you, just indulge yourself with your own freedom and opportunities. You can still cry into your pillow when necessary. I am not saying it will be easy but this web site is a start and stop in live chat or go post in the Shout box. I think there is a group for people who have lost loved ones. Good luck to you.

      1. Nita60

        Thanks for the message roseinbloom (I like that name!). Yes, navigating this site is a little tricky. Over the past few years I have been on support sites, after loosing my mother, having a brother commit suicide, suffering depression, then being a caregiver for my husband, and finally grief support sites. I really would like to talk to all kinds of people in different places and situations though! Thanks again for the welcoming message!

        1. roseinbloom

          Nita, I had a number of horrors of a like nature the few years before I joined, and this site was always here and made a difference. A’s we age we all have lost loved ones and to deal with and some other calamities befall us also. A lot of people are dealing with a lot of sadness here. Yet we all manage to comfort one and another.

  5. vonMichael

    Just continue testing the I-world Nita as you’ve already done and you’ll come to the conclusion here on SC is the best place for you. People (most) are wonderul. Michael

  6. papajeff

    Still, the basis for Peace in our World is an ability to perceive a thing which is Believed by all. Love? Puppies? Sharing? What single thing can divorce one from an ideal, if not an individual?