Thinking of Manchester

Well what can you say – It is many years since I had the opportunity of visiting this great city – close on 40 in fact but the welcome the locals gave to a visiting Kiwi was overwhelming – even the then cast of Coronation Street.

My heart goes out to all Mancunians in these dark days It is many years since Enoch Powell made his "Rivers of Blood" speech – and it certainly has been proved a well worthwhile warning and many will now wish they had listened then.

I feel horrified when I see the vast number of refugees/immigrants that are currently swamping Britain and indeed Europe and the USA. Where on earth can we hope to even house them, let alone feed them and find work not to mention the obvious language problem

When I look at the dreadful scenes of the 5,000 refugees who arrived in Greece last week-end I have to wonder who can possibly cope with that mass of young people? They have to be fed and housed and then?

If I am feeling a little unkind I also wonder where Britain and the United States would be now if all their young men had fled as refugees during the years 1939-1945?


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6 thoughts on “Thinking of Manchester

  1. Drummer Post author

    Hello Way Thanks for your response to my blog I can see
    where you are coming from, and clearly we have opposing opinions – and surely, that is what Chatter is for? We are both equally free to make our feelings known.
    When writing, my thoughts went back to the start of the war when I a child in Brightlingsea (Essex) and watched in wonder as the local Home Guard held their first ever parade
    and had broom sticks instead of rifles!

  2. starlette

    Hi Drummer, re your last paragraph, someone said a similar thing to me today……..why are they fleeing….why not stay and fight………I don’t profess to know much about what is happening, do they have access to weapons that would be needed to stay and fight……..all I know is they face certain torture and death if they remain, they risk death and do die in trying to escape, desperate people…….. desperate measures…………don’t lets associate the genuine refugees fleeing for their life’s with the thousands of immigrants try to reach our shores for a meal ticket ……

  3. Drummer Post author

    Hello Star, You raise interesting points in your response to my Blog on immigrants -as I see it, of course there should be some provision for accepting the Genuine refugees – the only problem is how do we sort the corn from the chaff, there are desperate housing shortages already – how is it possible to squeeze even more people into our limited spaces(most of home can’t speak the language). I see that there have been 10,000 more arrive in Italy this last week – the mind boggles!
    Thanks for your interest – I shall look forward to more views – the discussion can only be helpful in some way.
    Kind regards

  4. vonMichael

    Hello Drummer,

    yes it is worth to be thought of, indeed. That war will find no end as long as we live. I reminds me on the Greek war with ** hydra **.

    I call the war the western civilization the B+B war, the Bush and Blair war if you don’t mind.
    Kind regards, Michael

  5. Drummer Post author

    Good Morning Michael -Thanks for your response – you are quite right, there will always be war – only problem is that it seems so much closer at this time, and I don’t feel that Mr. Trump is helping too much – I would prefer to see him and Angela Merkel on the same page!
    Hope you are enjoying summer as we plunge in to winter!
    Kind regards

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