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Apparently the UK Government planned for a influenzas pan epidemic in 2014, the project was called Cygnus.

This project fully mapped out the amount of people world wide that would be infected and would also suffer food shortages etc.

Unfortunately the UK Government decided to file the information and not use the knowledge gained to stockpile face masks, gloves etc etc. 

I have looked up the meaning of Cygnus and have found it derives from Arabic word meaning Tail. 

Im sure most of us will get through this and out the other side.

I am now worried about what they know is going to happen in 2024.

Just saying.

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      1. The government should have a standing Pandemic Planning group consisting of senior representatives from various government departments, media and the industries etc. co-opting members as required; meeting twice yearly to adapt and update the plan. The plan would be implemented as and when and in appropriate steps. Non of this political “Cobra crisis/ad hoc” strutting and podium posturing management that we have seen. Keep politicians out of it, leave it to the professionals.

  1. Its good to come on here to get away from the real stresses of life itself. But in saying that, its good to have serious conversations as well. But in the rooms where there is videos its very hard to have any type of conversation that you can keep track of lol

  2. well you are not meant to be rude in any room, rules are the same for all the rooms, only difference is, you cant play videos in main room, thats the only difference

  3. Pronto…I don’t know anything about your government or nor do I pretend too. But many ,many years ago (in the 80’s) I had to write an paper about an article in journal of world health. I chose pandemics. By the way, health journals are an excellent source of information. In the article, it said that when a population gets to a certain point it , it is natural for it to thin itself out. Disease will spread because we are all in contact in one way or another with each other. Deer in the woods will thin itself out when a certain area becomes over populated. So the idea of pandemics…is not new. I think that your government was preparing for the inevitable. I would provide that same article…but it was many years ago and back then I did not have access to google we actually had to read articles. But there is plenty of articles on over population and disease. Stay safe my friend.
    “What 11 Billion People Mean for Disease Outbreaks” an article with Scientific America.

    1. Government organizations hold a book of code words for operations etc, Each one is allocated a word from that book so that there is no duplication leading to confusion. They rarely mean anything eg Overlord for D Day 1944
      In a similar manner, aircraft and other call signs are strictly registered/allocated and controlled.

  4. I for one believe this coronavirus is man made and has been released into society…..its been around a few years but top scientists studying it have said it has been mutated with the Sarrs virus making it thousands of times more infectious and dangerous…….they are insisting it has not come from animal sources and even though they are not actually saying as such they do not believe it has accidently escaped from the labs which leaves one explanation…..,,,

  5. China was getting more and more overpopulated than it usually is. One way to thin it out a bit. They have or did have, the one child per family rule, that didnt seem to work, still to many of them. So it does make you wonder if that was the plan all along, thin population out, in China, and the rest of the world. I believe China has it under control for the best interest of their country, even if they sacrifice many of their own. USA has now passed China and Italy in the amount of cases of Corona Virus. China going down the list, maybe as they had it first so have had time to put measures in place. But I truly dont think it will change, the higher up are saying you can get it more than once. So China is not going to change in a hurry. It will just be a constant threat.

  6. The Mormons are, (secretly), laughing at everybody else. Think I may have to have a look at how to REALLY maintain a long term food pantry and rotate the food over time.