The Shoe Clinic

I like so many of us have for some years suffered from leg and foot pains.

My wife recently had an Ankle replacement and was having a dufficult time getting mobile again.

Out of the blue her sister said – why dont you go to a shoe clinic? Well, I had never even heard of such a place. However, research showed that there was just such a place just a few miles down the road. Within the space of 15 minutes they had performed their examination, run a few tests and duly produced a pair of shoes – that I swear have hardly left her feet since (speaking generally of course).

I on the other hand have suffered leg and foot pain for months, often unable to get about at all without a lot of pain and the help of lots a medication and a walking stick.

My wife suggested that maybe I would benefit from a similar visit – so off we went, and having spent maybe 15 minutes doing walking tests they produced two shoes (note – not a pair) one was size 9 and the other size 8.5 – the two shoes were fitted and I walked out of the shop with them on and have been able to walk freely ever since. The shoes have a much thicker sole than usual and special support is given to the ankles –and I have to say they are garenteed with full rights of return for 4 weeks

This is not some sort of fairy tale – this actually happened just this week and I am wearing the most comfortable shoes I can remember , and alah be praised I can now walk freely again.

So I now know and support a shoe clinic!

May this information benifitith thee!




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12 thoughts on “The Shoe Clinic

  1. janey

    I shall have to look into shoe clinics as I have really bad feet. I have peripheral neuropathy a side affect of diabetes, the nerves in my feet are damaged. At the moment I find that Hotter shoes are the most comfortable for me. I am lucky in that at the moment I don’t have any pain. It just feels as though nothing is solid under my feet. But although I find standing is something I can’t do for long, I can walk for miles. So I do try to walk every day, 7 miles being the longest I’ve done, but mostly it’s only 2 and a half to 3 miles. The long ones I do twice a week if I can.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Janey The only very slight effect I have found is that the soles of thet do get a little warm – but hey!~ I can walk freely for the first time in months!
      Have a nice day.
      Kind regards Drummer

  2. roseinbloom

    Drummer, sounds like a miracle. Where are you located. I googled “shoe clinic” and up popped your blog. Then I scrolled down and found a shoe clinic in New Zealand, and finally one in California. Maybe you could tell me more about the shoe clinic and how much it costs, and if Health insurance covers some or all the charges. Here in the US, medicare will pay various costs for foot care for diabetics. I have no serious foot problems currently and I still like a shoe to be pretty, but there are times, I just want the best shoe for my feet.
    It is interesting that you needed to separate sizes. I cannot wear shoes that only come in whole sizes, as I wear a half size and one foot is longer than the other. If I get a larger size, some will just not stay on my foot. Naturally, getting a smaller size does not work and my toenail was traumatized and I got an infection.
    Your blog reminds me how many foot problems may be caused by the wrong shoes.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Morning Rose – The whole point of my blog wast raise awareness of such a service, for I laughed out loud at first when my wife was advised to go to a shoe clinic – but sure enough there was one 30 miles down the road – She(Lauree)had a pair fitted (to measure) and was walking far better the same day.
      My leg and feet problems went on for ages until she suggested I try the clinic too – So off we went and 15 minutes later I walked Freely out of the store – and am still doing so.
      Can’t tell you much about inmsurance situation – we are certainly not covered for this proceedure in New Zealand – the cost I felt was moderate $290 which I felt very fair!
      Kind regards Drummer

  3. roseinbloom

    Thank you drummer. The price is fair for a wonderful result. You did a service to bring awareness that some problems are shoe problems.
    What brand of shoes or brands of shoes does this clinic offer. I am trying to identify a similar clinic in the US.

    1. Drummer Post author

      I think it is their own brand – no name that I know of – I imagine the design would of necessity be rather limited
      after all I have on foot size 9 the other 8.5! Good luck with your hunt for a clinic!

  4. vonMichael

    Hello Drummer,

    thats what you pointed out is something special I have never heard of before.
    We have shoe specialist ( actually a shoemaker who has specialized on foot problems)
    for people of any age.
    A good and useful specialization if yiu think of the bodyweight legs and feet have to carry through a persons life day by day.
    If I think of all those people living a rural life new sales channel could help them
    to solve their problems too. Kr Michael

  5. Drummer Post author

    Good morning Michael
    How nice to hear from you again -my shoe clinic has, as far as I am concerned, enabled me to walk with a degree of comfort – something I have not done for some moths.
    So I am enjoying the freedom as long as I can.
    Kind regards

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