The Midnight Feast

I well remember during the war years when I was about 10 years old my sister and I used to have a midnight feast. We both get into my bed, get under the covers and enjoy a Feast of Smith's Potato Crisps with a bottle of "Pop" - we thought we were in heaven at that time - did you also indulge - our wants were easily satisfied in those days, no TV but of course Lord Haw-haw on the radio!

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  1. starlette

    Hi Drummer, I can remember some nocturnal activities under the covers but eating wasn’t one of them hehee……….seriously though, myself and my sisters thought we were being really rebellious by reading under the covers by torchlight when we were supposed to be going to sleep

  2. Rockflower

    Those tiny packets of crisps with salt in a twist of blue paper. Remember all those other treats we kids ate then? sticks of Liquorice root, actual wooden root.We were told not to eat it as it turned your teeth yellow but we did. Tiger nuts! what the heck were those? From the shop by the school gate we would buy Two OXO cubes for 1/2 a penny and actually nibble on the hard dried things.I tried it last year with my grandson and we were both retching LOL! Sherbet dabs, jelly babies, always bit the head off first. Dolly mixture, we loved those. Also loved a chunk of honey cone from Grad’s bee hive.I remember the rationing coming off sweets, first weekend there were no sweets left in the shops. Used to love Fry’s chocolate cream bar. I always have one when I go back to UK, Just one as it is so sweet. Walnut whips? Striped humbugs with the soft chewy centres. Terry’s Spartan chocolates at Christmas, black dark chocolate and all hard centres.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Now you are making my mouth water – remember when you could but a 6penny bar of Cadburys chocolate on the railway station. Also, I had forgotten the salt wrapped in blue paper! Happy days even if there was a war on!

          1. goldengirl1224

            I do not think Smith’s exists any longer, Drummer – the most popular one I believe is Walker’s – good – but no little blue packages ! — but a variety of flavours.

  3. rose1943

    Rock flower, I never heard od any of those candies. I’m in the USA in Chicago. My mother always worked as a chocolate dipper and brought a lot home….in the pocket of her apron….after it cooled and dried of course. Some yummy unusual treats were Sponge Candy and Rock Candy. Also had the usual Babe Ruth, Milky Way, Buttons, Snaps….on Saturday nights mom would open the huge can of New Era potato chips and we got to have a glass of Pepsi-Cola or Nehi Orange…yummmm. My sister and I both read under the covers til mom saw the flashlight shining through and all hell broke loose. She’d get really really mad when we’d sneak the dog in under the covers. Now when I think of it I can’t blame her. Good times! Another good blog from Drummer, thanks!

    1. Rockflower

      Rose we watched American movies and your soda fountain stores looked so exotic and fantastic.We really had no idea what a milkshake tasted like but it all looked wonderful. Then there were those Judy Garland movies, where everyone lived in super neat houses with super neat gardens where the flowers bloomed all the time. In the kitchen there was a sharp tongued cook or aunt who cooked, very stern but a soft heart of gold. She was aways producing huge fancy meals. Sponge candy, I wonder if that is what we call cinder toffee. Gold in colour and like a hard petrified sponge? No trip to the seaside in UK is complete without sticks of rock. Hard candy peppermint flavoured usually. Often pink on the outside, white inside and the name of the town in bright pink runs inside right through the stick.What is a Babe Ruth?

  4. Rockflower

    We must all have read under the bedcovers, turned the torch off if you heard someone on the stairs LOL. These were the days when if you got a Mars bar it was 1 1/2 thick. You also used to get ice cream sandwiches, ice cream between two wafers and the last bit tasted the best. Also you could get 2oz of tiny little hard jelly sweets all in different colours, can’t remember what they were called. Boiled lemon candies with sour powder inside. There was a red lollipop and if you ate it the red dye would colour your lips. the girls liked this LOL. No one worried about the red dye in those days.

      1. Rockflower

        Lucky you Goldengirl, I suppose there once was a company called Fry’s who made them but I don’t remember them making anything else. Who makes them now? There are not so many , Sweet Shops now, that is shops that sell just sweets. The one in our village was owned by a Mr. Armstrong. He was a big gruff man but he would patiently wait while we decided to spend our 6pence and weigh out 2oz of this and that, putting them in small paper bags and making two twists in the top of the bag. Remember how lovely Christmas boxes of chocolates were, the actual boxes. Lovely pictures on the top of a box. I remember Terry’s Having a big box that was made like a chest of draws, each draw opened with a red tassel, I kept such a box for years.
        Another year there was one like a Christmas tree, it opened like a cupboard to reveal little shelves filled with chocolates. One year There was one like a golden casket. Nothing like that now sadly.

        1. starlette

          We still have the advent calendars that I think you are talking about RockFlower…….they come in various forms, Christmas trees, Reindeers, Elves etc…. but always a little door to open each day in December until Christmas day,then the treat behind the door would be extra special……..the other days would probably be a Chocolate….

  5. rose1943

    Jujy Fruits are jelly candies of different colors. I liked the green ones best. They were my favorite show candy along with Milk Duds, caramel with chocolate coating. Rockflower, Baby Ruth’s are a nut and nouget roll covered with chocolate named after…who else…Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees! They should have also had a Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris roll. My dad was a Yankee fan. ? Also, my sister made shadow puppets on the wall in the dark for me to guess. If the light was still on she read to me, mostly Dickens and Bronte and Alcott. I made a goal to see where all of them lived later in my life ….and I DID!

  6. janey

    I well remember Smiths crisps with the added salt.
    Fry’s chocolate bars were my favourite too, as well as Cadbury’s dark chocolate. Shouldn’t have them now. as I’m a diabetic.
    I was at boarding school, and can remember having midnight feasts, saving stuff we had during the day. No crisps though.

  7. vonMichael

    After 1947 so many unkown products overflowed the German markets from north to south.
    The highlights were sweets and candy from the UK and chewing gum from the USA.

    Our pocket money was to meager to buy and test them so we had to chose by colour which we were going to buy. Do I have any brand names in mind? No but I remember
    licorice which has come from the Netherlands and was very pleasant in taste.

  8. CSweet51

    ok I have a question for all of you….this has nothing to do with candy other than I want to rush out and buy a few chocolate bars! lol
    My parent as a non- edible treat, would buy us soap. it was in the shape of an animal and when it got wet it would dry with like a soap fuzz on it. so it would be a fuzzy bar of soap. (animal?) In the middle of the soap when you go thru it all nwas a little prize like a whistle or bell or plastic charm in it. Does anyone remember these??? I have only met one person who does. Thanks
    By the way we had a penny candy store at the end of our block. we would by a sheet of dots, the wax bottles with some sort of juice In it. oh and so many other littles candies I can’t remember.

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