The Enormity of it all

Whilst catching up with a special friend of ours Emma via facetime earlier this year she said some words which strung a chord in my head and they have been there ever since.

We were talking about the world wide pandemic , something which everyone talks about most days now.

She said

“ It is only now that I am realising the enormity of it all

And on the eve before I go to my doctors and receive my vaccine injection the enormity of it all ways heavy on my mind.

Just under a year ago I remember meeting up with some of our family when all the grandchildren were having fun at a Gravity centre ! It’s a huge hall area filled with trampolines where they can literally bounce all over the place for an hour.

We adults stood and watched them and talked about this relatively new thing called Coronavirus.

It had reached Italy and back then in February 2020 it was taking quite a hold on that country while it started to spread across Europe bit by bit.

As with most conversations some of it was fact , with a little speculation and rumours added in along the way.

It was a lovey day and as a family we enjoyed seeing the children play and we all had some lunch afterwards, finished off with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts before we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

As we moved more into March this normal kind of day was the last time everything was what used to be the normal. The weeks and months passed and Coronavirus continued to spread the world over.

Something which at first seemed far away and affecting people at a distance was now ‘just around the corner’.  People close to us as with everyone else were suddenly either becoming ill or they knew someone close who was falling ill.

Looking back at my Sentence each day diary for 2020 my entry for March 5th reads ;

Coronavirus – it’s here

March 19th it reads Lockdown not yet but will be soon

A week later and our first Lockdown was with us. April 6th Boris Johnson our prime minster was in hospital with Coronavirus

May 13th and I simply wrote Pandemic a word we need to get used too !

Now across the world we have reached over 2 million people who have lost their lives to Covid and even though we have vaccines and they starting to fight back on Covid as its now named our world has changed forever.

So, our friend Emma is so right when we like her   and probably everyone else at times is finding it hard to realise

The enormity of it all. 

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