The Demise of the Corner Shop.

Are there any Corner Shops left?
There still a few in the Villages ,but the rest have been put out of business by the big Supermarket Chains
Years go there was one on every Street and they were a hive of industry and locals used to shop daily, so the food was always fresh. It was a pleasure to shop the as the Owner always greeted you by your Christian name and it was there you heard all the local gossip. Especially about ‘Her at No 42, who was any bodies for a doughnut’….

When you walked in the odour of fresh Ham and Bacon 0n the Bone from local Butchers made you feel hungry, as well as the odour of the Coffee Grinding Machine. Trays of freshly baked bread delivered daily, which you had to order. All vegetables were from local farms
And so were the eggs and milk. There was a very small Fridge mainly with frozen peas and ice cream.
They also stocked Chemists sundries and. ‘Something for the Week End Sir’ which was kept in the back room and put in a discreet brown bag
The men used to ‘hope and pray’ they the owner’s wife was not serving even though she knew then very. They would say The usual, please. And a brown paper bag was produced.

Also, some sold paraffin and bags of coal and News Papers and Magazines and the Village Shops had an outside Petrol Pump attached as well.

A bit like “ Open All Hours” but a lot bigger and they open from 7 am to 8pm.

There are still a few privately owned Grocer's Shops, but they have had to modernise and become self service. Not quite the same! Time marches on!

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4 thoughts on “The Demise of the Corner Shop.

  1. starlette

    Hmmmm……something for the weekend, were they on rations……lol………we still have a corner shop in the village, its open 8 am-10pm, bank holidays too….they don’t sell all the fresh cut meats and cheeses, just prepacked, couple of deep freezers, bread and milk delivered daily, can get pretty much anything there,…….the weekend treat I don’t think so………that shop has been known as “Dumpies” since my childhood……..think the name relates back to the original owner who was of stout build, then when he passed on his son took over……now he was a scary looking man, long straggly grey hair and very badly applied bright red lipstick smeared around his mouth……..I was just a kid, but who could ever forget that image, I suppose he must have been a transvestite, and a very brave one indeed to stand behind a counter and meet the public…….

    1. bathchairdave

      Starlette I await your book!!!
      I have become old and infirm waiting- well !! infirm iz not quite true as the bishop said to the waitress!!
      As to the corner shop, we horrors would lay in wait for the purchasers of “” something for the weekend sir” and screech ” That chewing gum tastes just like rubber!
      In those days I wondered a lot about sex. That one only did “it” at the weekend was a puzzel, it still is. The weekend would be great! This century even!
      Luvs yer

      1. starlette

        Haaaaaa…….ya noodle………hope you get a nibble of the rubber again real soon…… lots of different flavours are now available…….but you do know there not for chewing……. not by your own lush mouth anyway……Luvs ya back…..xx

  2. Sansoar

    So enjoyed the stories of the corner shop! Yes, the shop owner who you described, Starlette, must have had a lot of confidence in who he was. I find it interesting now when I remember situations or behaviours that I witnessed as a child/youth and had no basis for understanding at the time.

    Spending my childhood and young adulthood on the farm, I didn’t get to experience the corner store. However in retirement, we bought a little bungalow in a tiny hamlet with one general store/gas station/post office. It is the only business in the hamlet! It seems that the biggest business is in lottery tickets and in the summer, ice cream and fishing worms! There is a bench outside where the “real news” is shared! I am going to look around next time for “something for the weekend”- just out of curiousity, mind you.

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