The Age of Innocence

Where has the Age of Innocence gone?

Many young children of school age now have I pads and Moblies
And.. They can use them better than some adults too
They lose interest in Childrens games and Dollies and Train
They prefer Computer games instead.
Also tiny children with angel faces walk about swearing, obviously copying their parents.Their parents do not correct them, but think it is highly amusing .
Years ago we did not mature emotionally until age sixteen.
We all went out with mixed groups of girls and boys, and the boys were just the same as us girls. Boys were very polite and did not use bad language or take drugs.
They all had Mother’s who would ‘Wipe the floor with them’ if they misbehaved.
Most of the boys had dirty necks until the age of sixteen …then what a change overnight!
They washed every day and wore smart clothes and well brushed hair.
Instead of making fun of them, the girls became aware that they were really rather nice.
They even asked if they could kiss you and got a chaste kiss on the cheek.
We shared sweets and Chips and the boys smoked Woodbines they had nicked of their older brothers, and some ‘forward girls’ smoked as well

Also, I distinctly remember boys age ten, smoking behind the Bike Shed at School
All adults seemed to smoke, male and female. The danger had not then become apparent

We did not have much money, but were happy to be with our friends and an occasional visit to the Cinema usally with Dad Or Weekly Ballroom Dancing lessons.
I remember dancing with a boy who worked on the Market selling vegetables. I tried to avoid being his partner as he always smelled of cabbages. Quite mean really!

Oh! And girl got a copy of her brothers ‘Lady Chaterly’s Lover’
We read it in secret. How we laughed!... We did not know what many of the words actually ment. I had heard one word said by Workers digging trenches. I told my friends never to say that word as you could go to Jail if a Policeman heard you.
Years ago swearing in public was an offence, usually you got fined

How times have changed. Some things for the better, and some things now worse.

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6 thoughts on “The Age of Innocence

  1. starlette

    Hello Flori….. progress has been made in so many areas, but so much of childhood activities lost in the process………just wish the children of today could live in our childhood for a few weeks……..I feel they miss out on so much, the freedom and space………no doubt about it, the morals and standards of so many young parents have dropped, but thankfully they are in the minority…….

    1. fiori2 Post author

      Yes starlettete I agree

      Such a shame the children can no longer play ouside unless supervised or chaparoned. Before ther was no danger of being assaulted or abducted.
      Most children spent hours outdoors and in the local Parks when not at school .

      Those days have gone.

  2. storm

    my take on todays children are they are fine they carry on life as they know it today there experience today are far more advanced than mine ever was they can find out things today which was un heard of in my day ,they live in warm houses go to better schools than I did have better health care not saying all have that sort of life all through the ages you have the poor who is neglected and all through the ages the old is concern how the children are being brought up I have great faith they will be ok and wish them good luck

  3. Cloudless13

    Hi flor12

    Its the same for all generations, as we age we compare to that of our child hoods, how much better it was back then. Yet with the world now its all moving at such a speed, I feel sorry for the youngsters. They have to get on board and very quickly with I pads as so many are now used in schools. They need to connect with technology quickly… spending hours in the library finding out something can be done in a minute on a device.

    Yes some kids do swear, I think many do yet not in front of their parents. There will be some who do have parents who use such language and learn from them, however the rest copy and pick it up from schools. Its trendy they would say. I think so many now incorporate it into normal speech when together. Just watch TV and see how many program’s watched leave disdainful garb. Yet again we have to look at this another way. Time has moved on, speech is changing, communication has drastically changed to texting, emailing each other. Is it wrong, do we have the right to say its wrong… No we don’t as its how life is changing. History in the making, a new generation forming new pathways. We can say we don’t like it, however we cant change what is coming for that is no longer our right, sadly life moves on.

    Also I would say this generation is the best dressed and turned out one yet. So many would not walk out the house unless they look good. Something we can view from two sides I guess.

    The pressure has never been as hard for kids as it is now, 100% being demanded from them all the time from schools. So we can see why such stresses of you have to be perfect, you have to be the best at any cost come to the table. So many young people have to find ways to vent, yes drugs, yes swearing, yes all sorts…… we have one of the highest suicide rates now than ever before in youngsters…. so many go to University however only a few get jobs in that chosen field of study.. Who is to blame. Yes our generation is to blame, for its the older statesman who plan and start these formats… school league tables and targets have to be met, why? so they can keep their jobs. Big money making machines target young people to make money out of them, most run by older people driven by greed.

    I am sorry to go on yet feel so deeply sad for the state of youngsters health and welfare. We all need to support them in any way we can, the past is long gone..

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