Thanksgiving Surprise

My surprise actually happened the night before Thanksgiving. I had been up for several days watching Christmas movies. I had recorded some of my favorites and really indulged myself. I was so tired by the time I had seen the last one, I fell deep asleep. As is my custom in the evening, I open my front door to allow my dogs to terrorize the neighborhood at night. By morning they are always worn out and the neighborhood is void of terrorists.

Baby Girl, my big yellow dog came rushing in making so much noise she woke me up. I glanced at her as she spits out the body of a dead mouse onto the floor. I instantly jumped up, tangling my feet up in the electric blanket cord, and fell to the floor. All three dogs were in by now delighted that I had joined them on the floor. As I tried to untangle my feet, Rooster, my big orange tabby jumped down, walked to the corpse, and with one paw tossed it into the air. I yelled STOP! All eyes were on me and everyone froze. I calmly said, “Let mommy take care of this.” I scrambled to get upright and proceeded to the kitchen. I found an old newspaper and tore off a page to use to remove the dead mouse. I knew I would have to dispose of it quietly so no one would hunt for it later. The main thing was to keep everyone away from it (I absolutely had to go to the bathroom) until I could something. I clapped my hands and talked happy and sweet until everyone followed me into the bathroom. My bathroom had never felt so small before, but it did now. I scratched backs and stroked heads until I finished my business.

I realized the front door was still open. I calmly walked over to the “body”. I gently scooped it up in the newspaper. I started laughing so hard tears actually came down my cheeks. I had just disposed of a dead leaf. Now you know why my driver’s license says I must wear my glasses when driving. Baby Girl was so thrilled. She ran out of the door. A few minutes later she rushed in and spit a whole mouth full of “dead” mice on the floor. I gave her a big hug. I started to the front door as she ran past me and started using her snout to toss leaves up in the yard. Freddie and Sweetie Pie joined her. Before I could get the door closed they had all three brought me a mouth full, depositing them on the living room floor. I closed the door.

We are all watching Rooster toss them one at a time in the air and chase them down.

My neighbors brought over all the Thanksgiving food I could ever eat. They would be gone for the day and wanted to make sure I had a good Thanksgiving.

I am so thankful for all the love I am surrounded with and because I did not have to bury a mouse.

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  1. TX Jane what a nice thing your neighbors brought over Thanksgiving Dinner to you. Loved the story about your dogs and the leaves. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving TX Jane.

    1. Thank you so much. I am having Thanksgiving all over again in much the same way. A neighbor is bringing me the food they prepared. I am indeed having a day full of thanks.

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