Thanks For The Memories

Are you often nostalgic for things past – well I guess to be honest we all are at some stage particularly at "Our time of life" I have always loved music, mainly middle of the road and the old pop songs. For a long time I looked with a degree of yearning at my stack of Long Playing Records and cursed the fact that I had long ago pensioned off my old Radiogram – and there all the albums lay with me refusing to get rid of them, yet knowing I couldn't hope to play them again.

But then, I saw an advertisement in the local paper for a small record player that would plug into my computer and having done so, would enable me to transfer the music to Compact disc. I jumped in with both feet and spent many hours playing my old LP's – true some sounded just too old to do much with, but I have managed to salvage a number of discs from the 70's era and these have given me much pleasure now that I play them on Compact Disc – and how the memories of those days nearly 50 years ago set the old mind and memories working providing sounds from a past life, so I say thanks the memories and the nostalgia they bring with them.

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  1. idigdirt

    Occasionally yes I get nostalgic. I used to long for the past way too much in my younger years. And thinking about it now, I wonder why. Because those years sucked. I think what I actually longed for was for them to be different.

    I pined away for a lost love for years. Why? For what I wish it would have been, not for what it was. Ah…age brings wisdom however and perspective. That would have been a disaster had he not taken a transfer with his job. He was a womanizing alcoholic. Remember those days when you thought love could conquer all?

    I had reoccurring dreams….almost every single night. I dreamt of one of my childhood homes. Gosh, well into my 50’s I still had those dreams. It was always a panic…I was trying to figure out a way to get my home back from whomever was now living there. Or, the house was for sale and I had to buy it. There was always some dilemma involved. Then if I did somehow get the house, it was different inside. And I needed to restore it back to how it was. Why? Why would I have these dreams literally for decades? The memories are bad. Bad things happened in that house. Again, with reflection I believe I wanted to go back and make things right.

    Places always have had a pull for me. The little 3 room school I attended from kindergarten through third grade. The two towns I grew up in. The cemetery where my dad went way too young. I used to NEED to go there. I would go and try and force myself to feel a connection with him. I’m really not sure I ever did. It was always a bittersweet visit with dad. I needed to show my respect to him. I needed to know where he was. I needed him to know he’s not forgotten like others seemed to have forgotten. I needed him to love me. Losing your daddy when you’re seven years old…..

    I get nostalgic when I go to Cracker Barrel. For those not in the states, that’s an old country style restaurant where they have lots of “junk” to buy. I say junk because I’m becoming a minimalist and it all looks like clutter to me. But it’s fun to walk around as many things are reminiscent of the past. Especially the food section. Candy from childhood mostly tugs at my heartstrings.

    I get sad when I get nostalgic. And I’ve come to realize it’s not for what was, but for what I wish it was. I think the most thing I envy is when people reminisce about their childhoods and all the good memories….family, friends, school. I had a few friends. Being an introvert just one or two close ones. And I am grateful for those memories.

    Today, I’m much more in the present and future. A couple quotes keep coming to mind….Don’t look back, there’s nothing new there and Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.

    1. Drummer Post author

      I really don’t know quite how to respond to your response to my blog on nostalgia for I have to say that it is without doubt the most comprehensive answer possible on this subject. A true joy to read and may I say that it was probably equally a pleasure for you to write – for a more in depth summary of your thoughts simply would not be possible. Thank you so much for sharing. Do please keep writing!
      Kind regards as always Drummer

      1. idigdirt

        Thank you Drummer! Your comments on my writings inspire me to keep blogging. Now that my life is settling down I plan to do more of it. I enjoy reading your musings.

        I’ve always liked to journal….and now it’s turned techie….blog. The light bulb moments that occur while writing are my rewards. It’s usually so simple too that I’m like, why didn’t I think of that before? I love figuring things out. I’m a fixer. I love to find solutions. And writing finds personal solutions or explanations. It’s important to me to know why or how. Through writing the why’s and how’s present themselves.

        I plan to keep writing my friend…and you do the same!

        1. Drummer Post author

          Hello again idigdirt
          I am so glad you approved of my response
          which was the least I could do in reply to your most moving blog.
          I am glad you intend to keep writing – I will do the same.
          Kind regards Drummer

  2. starlette

    Hi Drummer, music can strip away the years……..I gave away my records and the player, which incidentally was a new one but made to look like a traditional one, I can hear any song I want on you tube…….many songs kick the memory back into the time and the place you heard it……….one particular song still makes me feel nausea’s whenever I hear it…….I was in the early stages of pregnancy at the time with terrible morning sickness…….that song brings back all those feelings….ugh….

  3. roseinbloom

    Drummer, I am glad to see a new blog from you. I think most of us remember a dusty stack of records that never get played and still not thrown away. A’s star letter says, we can play any song on Youtube, but somehow it is not the same. The songs don’t resonate in our minds and bodies the same way anymore either. It is good to remember our music and play it more and take our memories if we so choose.
    Enjoy your music, Drummer.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello again Roseinbloom – so nice to hear from you again.
      I guess that Music is probably the best of all nostalgia, for a while at least it is possible to forget other mundane things.
      Kind regardsummer

  4. cappuccino

    Um….Whats going on?…The blog was written by Idigdirt…The comments/replys were addressed to Drummer…..My user name has dissapeared from the list of those online….Then there,s the debancle of the dissapearing blogs,yesterday….Is this all a sign of the second coming ?

  5. Drummer Post author

    Hello Cappuchino, The blog you refer to from Idigdirt, was in fact in fact her very full and delightful response to my blog on Nostalgia – But be that as it may – I hope you agree with me that her reply is one of the best blogs I have seen in years!
    Kind regards Drummer

  6. rose1943

    Reading everyone’s response is really nice. Music almost always pulls me back to the good times. We had a pretty musical household growing up. I’m very thankful for that. I can listen to a beautiful piece and tears will start rolling down. I guess I could call that Music Appreciation. I wonder if anyone else gets the same kick from smells that bring us back. Like the meals cooking on the stove, the smell of a beautiful rain and for me, even a beautiful snow. At times I’ll walk into Walgreen’s and wonder why the smell hasn’t changed since age 7. For my husband he just has to smell the turkey Thanksgiving morning or it’s not the same day he loves. This was a nice blog …thank you.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Rose Your are exactly right we all have access to the Nostalgic things around us, unfortunately we are not always
      in the right state of mind to enjoy them – I must admit that I do miss the snow -living in Central New Zealand a sharp frost is a rare sight!

  7. rose1943

    I thought it was nice that Idigdirt found a friendly place to express her feelings. That’s what it’s all about and how we get to know each other and in many cases reading these both good and not so good words shows us that we are not alone. We all have our “stuff” and no one to listen. So here we are!!?

  8. Drummer Post author

    Hello Rose
    Yes, you are so right we all have “stuff” of some sort, and we all have good things to talk of also -and chatters does provide a contact that enables us all to share, also to know that there are many others who take pleasure from this simple form of sharing with others from around the world .
    Have a nice day best wishes Drummer

  9. Rockflower

    Hi Drummer… does tend to go straight to one’s emotional centre. I’m more a classical music fan although I get nostalgic for the pops of my youth. Do you remember Billy Cotton’s band? As a child that band was always on the radio as my Mum dished up the Sunday roast dinner. A year ago I head a recording of Billy Cotton and I swear, I immediately could taste roast beef LOL! In my youth I thought it would be ‘cool’ to be a modern jazz fan, I tried, God! I really tried to like it but as far as I’m concerned my jazz development is stuck in the 1930-40s. I heard a musician say on a radio program a long time ago, I think his name was Steve Race. He said you will find that something happens to pop music once you reach the age of 30. I think this is very true…..I do like the odd bit of modern pop music but on the whole there is a sameness about it for me and the singers tend to sound the same. It could be my ears are wearing out but to me the oldies had very distinctive voices, instantly recognizable.

  10. Drummer Post author

    Hello Rockflower – here’s a special Wakey! Wakey! in memory
    of all the pleasure I too used to get from the Billy Cotton Band show, like you I never got into Jazz but did get to play in a Dance Band as well as Brass and Military Bands. A special memory is dancing to Joe Loss at the Hammersmith Palais. Steve Race was so right wasn’t he – things sure have changed. Thank goodness I have a good supply of CD’s.
    Have a nice day Kind regards Drummer

  11. ladybabe2

    For me its very simple music is food for the soul…
    A song can transport you back to all different times in your life, a song can bring a memory long forgotten back to life.
    I couldn’t imagine a world without my music.
    If l suddenly remember a song and its not in my collection of over 2000 songs on my pc everything from Abba to zztop and all genres all decades then l go to you tube and you will be surprised and what you can find on there.

  12. Drummer Post author

    Hello Ladybab2
    Nice to hear from you and to know that you concur with those of us who get great enjoyment from our music – it has been satisfying and a pleasure to get so many responses to my Nostalgia blog – may it long be so. Bring on more music and long live U Tube!
    Kind regards Drummer

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