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I have like so many of you Chatters,  been a great reader of books – I used to be the sort of person who if I got a good book, would just sit down and read as if there was no tomorrow.

Imagine then how it felt when I developed Blephritis -and this lasted in spite of treatment and changing my glasses for years. I soldiered on reading for maybe an hour before my eyes started irritating and very quickly I really couldn’t read any longer. – Reading Newspapers was out!

When I retired I found that without my books I was lost – I did start learning an Eazy Play Organ, music for which is clearly set out with the Melody Line in very bold print, and the left hand was written in the form of Chords – all in all this has proved a real life changer, and eventually I was able to play well enough to provide the necessary music for a small theatre company here in the village and continued to do so for 8 years or so. But still the old problem remained, I was not able to enjoy my books as I had once done – even the large print books were unsatisfactory.

Then somebody told me about Talking Books being available from the local Public Library – and my problem was solved.  I couldn’t possibly tell you how many books I have gone through in the last few years – the range of these books available is remarkable, and I have just today picked up three more, all of them being on compact discs. If you have a similar reading problem (as many of us do) have you thought of talking books – they can be an amazing substitute for the poor old eyes! ~Why not give your Public Library a call?

Kind regards and good reading!


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11 thoughts on “Talking Books!

  1. grandmaj

    Thats great Drummer, I am glad you have found these. My Mum was blind and lived with me for many many years. I got her a cassette player with raised marks on the buttons so Mum knew what button was what, to play , stop, pause etc, then got the talking books from the library. I also got her some TV series she used to like watching on TV years before she went blind. She had many years enjoyment out of them. Happy listening

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hi Grandmaj -Your response to my item about talking books was particularly interesting, because way back in the sixties I was involved in the Establishing a Hospital Broadcasting Service in Colchester, and some of our members used to also act as readers for the blind – at that stage they would read newspapers.
      I am pleased to say that service is still going strong after more than 50 years!
      Have a nice day . Kind regards Drummer

  2. Sansoar

    I’m a big fan of audiobooks! I listened to books on cassette tapes at one time then CDs and for the last couple of years I download books on my phone… all from the public library. I, too have listened to hundreds of books this way. I started this due to the number of hours I drove each week due to my job – travelling between offices and the commute between work and home. Now that I am retired I use a “fanny-pack” and listen as I do daily chores, go for walks etc.

    This is definitely my preferred way of learning… perhaps, due to the fact that I forced myself to use this method in the correspondence courses I took many years ago when working on my B.A. and living in a rural farming community.

    Although I still love books, my eyes tire much quicker than my mind. I do pop into libraries regularly but the nice thing about audiobooks is that I can download them to my phone through the library website from any location and they magically disappear when the due date arrives. No late fees, either!!
    So wonderful to be living in this era!

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hi Sansoar I’m happy to meet another lover of talking books. I started like you -way back in the old cassette
      days and then graduated to the compact discs which I feel is probably where I will stay -it’s easy to skip back if I
      fall asleep mid-disc! I am presently listening to The Dam Busters by James Holland – fascinating!
      Have a nice day, kind regards Drummer

  3. starlette

    Hi Drummer, my friends neighbour is blind and has these talking books delivered, she lives in the flat beneath my friend, she is also deaf and has the volume turned up high, so my friend gets to hear all the stories too whether she wants to or not…….lol..

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hi Starlette – I have a similar problem to your friend with very poor hearing – but found that using a Headset
      not only improved my hearing of the story, but also my enjoyment – more importantly it doesn’t drive my wife crazy!
      Kind regards Drummer

  4. Harry lad

    I have similar problems as many I have , both hearing and eye problems
    I used to use the library for large print books , but due to financial cut backs the number of large print books got less
    I tried audio books but was not all that impressed,
    My saviour was a Kindle eBook I was not all that enthusiastic at first , but f
    when I found that I could alter the size of the print to suit my self I realised that instead of being limited to the library stock of large print books I had a limitless number ( thousands )of

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Harry I am so pleased to see that you have sorted out your reading problem – Our library also offers this service. My specialist tells my eyesight is Good, but I am unable to sustain reading for any period of time – for example when
      I’ve been on the computer a while, my eyes are extremely sore – fortunately I still enjoy the talking books – and I have just passed the eye test to renew my driving licence!
      Have a nice day, Kind regards Drummer

  5. grandmaj

    Thats great Harry. Over here if you join the local library and download their app, you can then read their ebooks online, they stay on your tablet for two weeks, you can extend it if you are not finished.

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