What Song Would You Use As The Backdrop?

Last DVD for Friends and Loved Ones...

If you were leaving a dvd of yourself for your loved ones, what song would you use as the backdrop?

One of my personal choices would be " In My Life" by the Beatles. This song really hits home for me, and for all the friends I cherish, that have come into and blessed my life with their presence. My brother also used this song in a video that he put together with certain memories of Dad after he passed away 11 years ago. It is exactly how dad would have felt about the folks in his life. I'd be curious to your selections. Do you have a favorite tune you'd us in your dvd of yourself for your friends and loved ones?

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13 thoughts on “What Song Would You Use As The Backdrop?

    1. roseinbloom

      Cappuccino, I thought of “My Way” also. I was a big Frank Sinatra fan and after blogging lately, I realized that I have lived my way as in America in the years since I was born, we had a lot of freedom and women got more freedom. I am not saying that I did it the best way and the song also says that.

  1. Rockflower

    Me too……I don’t want a funeral or a grave come to that. Someone can float my ashes in the wind and let the dust fall where is may.
    I do not have one song that sums up my life. I do have a catalogue of music I should like to hear in the days I breathe my last, pieces that mean something to me. I am not someone that has music on 20 hours per day but I find it very moving. Music can bring me to tears quicker than anything else. And so much will do that an eclectic list ….. The Prom’s audience singing Jerusalem, Liverpool football crowd singing, You’ll Never Walk Alone . A great brass band, Grimthorpe’s …comes to mind. Nigel Kennedy playing, Lark Ascending. Kennedy playing almost anything. Lots of opera, Ella Fitzgerald, just natural perfection, Oh lots of stuff ….they would have to keep me alive an extra six months to hear it all LOL!

  2. roseinbloom

    I am happy to know there are people who think as I do here and not planning a ceremony. Even if they are called celebration of life, it is hard to celebrate after the guest of honor has departed. Getting back to music, music makes anything special and this is a nice way of thinking about life.

  3. rose1943

    No funerals for us. No graves. Creamation, ashes in urns. Jim’s over a golf course, mine over the snow. Will save a little urn for each kid that wants one around. This is off the subject but good stuff.
    Two songs that ” belong” to my life are:
    ” The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli and
    ” Come on Over” by the Bee Gees….the titles don’t really do it, you have to listen to them….don’t really have to?

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