I walk to work in the early morn and I feel like snow white

the birds sing their song

the cows moo a melody

a dog barks his tune

cats stalk the pathways

squirrels skip the branches  

the wind blows a chorus

the trees rustle their symbols

and the light dances with shadows

the harmony of nature escorts me to work

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  1. tania

    This is why I love to walk in the countryside, deaks. Just think some city people never hear or see these things.I feel blessed.

  2. Rockflower

    Love this account of your walk to work, I miss the blackbird and the thrushes song, that used to be common when I was a child. We kids went to bed a lot earlier back then, I remember the blackbird who sang from the plum tree outside my bedroom window, he sang until the night came. But I thought he sang until I was asleep.