Sense of Community

I have been on social websites for years. I have seen the same mantra or slogan repeated over and over. With different words, different songs, a variety of pictures, some funny some sad, but pretty much the same concept of making a better world, a better country, or coming together to make a kinder community.  Somehow, I feel that sense of community with Senior Chatters.  Where different personalities are accepted and welcomed. I thank each of you for accepting me for who I am…different in many ways or perhaps not…just happy to have a group of people who understand and welcomes me as a friend.  Thank you.

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  1. grandmaj

    Good blog 1099 , everyone is different, we should accept everyone as they are. Like the old saying goes, If we all drove around in pink cars, we would be a pink car nation 🙂

  2. stinkerbell

    I think we’re all desperate for kindness, acceptance and belonging. It seems that every job I’m in anymore I’m ostracized for my age, what I wear, how I interact with customers…there’s absolutely no encouragement. I try to be the “nice” one. My good friend always says “kill them with kindness” which I try to do. But it gets lonely. I hope to find genuinely kind people here of my age. Maybe we’re a lost generation.

    1. 1099 Post author

      stinkerbell…by- the -way, I love the name. I feel that SC would welcome all ages if courtesy and love came with them. I’d be willing to bet good money everyone who is regular members here feel the same way, but I’m just a member not an administrator.
      I came here just as you, looking for kindness, and a good chat. Looking for someone or somewhere of no judgments to hear me and/or maybe care just a bit not a whole lot– because you are right– it is nice to meet with friends who decide to have fun and laugh. Somehow, I don’t think age becomes an issue unless you are making fun of older people or rude in anyway, I feel that younger can add a bit of spice to chats and beside the younger people can learn a lot from the older generation if they can be patient and just listen.

    1. 1099 Post author

      You don’t need encouraging you are an awesome lady. No one tells you that you know you are …now you need only to believe it. Because if you believe it so will we, but do it with humility and kindness. And you’ll know heaven’s gifts of love.