Retiring to the Scottish North East

With so many people working from home now that Covid-19 has passed, it seems that many of us are looking at our surroundings and deciding we can get more from our homes because we’re not tied to offices. The same goes for those of us who are at retirement age or beyond. Giving up the 9-to-5 grind is what many of us work our lives towards, and having a home to appreciate makes all that hard work more worthwhile. Some of us like to stay put, but I’d like to make a case for Aberdeenshire in the Scottish North East.

The Right Kind of Remote

Many of Scotland’s cities have grown a lot in the last few decades as suburban areas have seen influxes of house building and development. For many people who settled in these areas decades ago, it can feel like the rat race has formed around you. Aberdeenshire has a broad range of towns and villages that lend themselves well to people that want to be off the beaten track without feeling like they’re in the “back of beyond!”

Not a Tourist Trap

Scotland enjoys a lot of international tourism. It benefits the country hugely and supports local businesses. That’s not to say that there aren’t some downsides that come with this high level of visitation. Scotland has been voted one of the most beautiful countries in the world, so it’s easy to see why so many people want to come here. Places like Skye and the North Coast 500 have suffered as so many people are keen to visit these remote areas. Even cities like Edinburgh take on a completely different feel when the festival comes in August. Still, Aberdeen and the surrounding area don’t suffer from these issues as other parts of the country.

All the Home Comforts

While Aberdeenshire might feel a little off the beaten track, compared with the likes of Edinburgh and Glasgow in the Central Belt, the city of Aberdeen provides all the home comforts right on your doorstep. This is a well-sized town with an international airport. Even towns quite far out like Aberlour sit equidistant between Aberdeen and Inverness, meaning that you have the option of the home-comforts of a town not too far away for those essentials you might miss from the city.

Downsizing Option

It’s becoming increasingly popular for people of a certain age to downsize when they reach retirement age. Having capital tied up in a property that is too big for your needs leaves you with a huge opportunity to enjoy yourself more now you’ve left the world of work behind. Taking in one of the small towns could act as a base for you to enjoy your retirement, having made some money from selling your larger home and downsizing. It’s something to consider if you aren’t particularly attached to your family home.

I hope some of the information above has been of use, and you can use it to explore whether or not a move to the beautiful North East of Scotland is right for you! 

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  1. I learned more about Scotland and I agree that during the Covid restrictions I and many learned more about their home. Here in the US many people are buying homes. I learned that my home was perfect for me. I have a lot of big windows and a balcony and stores of all types around me including restaurants, so I plan to stay where I am, but if I lived in the UK, I would know where to consider in Scotland. I need medical care and canot consider living in another country. They probably don’t want me either.

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