In a dimly lit room with a light above my head, I held a snow globe, that contained light-reflecting glitter replicating snow dancing around in purified water over a small town creating an illusion of wonder. I have no pretense of being creative with words or thoughts, but this illusion stood out to me, as if the reflective sparks of glitter meant more to me than the illusion of snow.

I find the sudden sparks of light mesmerizing, like tiny souls trapped in this hand-held globe. With each fraction of light flickering as they circle to an orchestrated dance forced to move in the direction of the water. I know life is but a fraction of light, and the dance is so brief. I noticed that a few of the glitter flakes stopped within the globe not restricting the other pieces from swirling and twirling giving out their light, but the ones that stopped just slowly floated to the bottom of the globe, as the rest slowly lost the momentum of the water, and they too settled down to the bottom no longer reflecting the light.

I admit to being caught in the one-directional swirl of every-day life, just like everyone else I know. Yes, I would love to say I could just stop and hang around, but then I would settle to the bottom and reflect no more. So, I decided, not only would I swirl with everyone else, but I would do all I can to encourage other reflective souls to shine brighter, and even hold a hand or two along the way. Life is so brief, perhaps reflecting the light is all that we were meant to do, but it is nice to share love along the way.

 There are highways and bridges named as monuments to honorable sparks in life. I feel these monuments were dedicated  not because they changed the direction of the swirl by tearing down historical monuments that they considered tasteless, or creating a different sort of bias, but they were honored because they held hands and encouraged others to shine brighter.  History that tears down should be a reminder that burning ideas and human concepts, or even trying to eliminate cultures, does nothing but rip holes within the human soul. 

Mary 7/16/20

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  1. Hi Mary.
    Funny how the mind works. I read your blog and a memory pops out. It’s the late 70’s, I’m single, I come across a missionary, so he said. Maybe I was asking too many questions, but he gave me a small booklet, a cartoon like story of a religious leader comparing himself to a lion. I lost the booklet years ago but I do remember the analogy of a dust particle being reflected by light coming through a hole in a barn. That was how people shine in the light of (fill in the blank).
    One other thing that I remember is that only he, the leader, could shave on the upstroke. Everyone else had to shave in a downward direction.
    Maybe I’ll do a search on the internet, who knows.

    1. Okay, I know sometimes I write to myself and others do not quite understand what I am saying, and I do appreciate the questions trying to clarify my thoughts for them. David, I am asking the same question of you because I am not having any luck interpreting what you are saying? Are you saying you agree, you don’t agree, or is there something else I’m supposed to get? I don’t quite get the dust particle and the man comparing himself to a lion, or the missionary, and what I have written. I am trying to say our life is brief, a spark, a moment to share with others and not to waste trying to tear down a culture,a lifestyle, or even history? History is past so why relive it under a different name.

      1. I agree with what you say.
        That was just a thought that came to mind when I read “reflective sparks of glitter”. I thought of the barn and dust, which was mentioned in that booklet.

  2. I fully understand what you have written 10. I agree with your thoughts here. For myself, I see Omni-direction apposed to one-directional. I feel that each person is an individual who should decide for himself which direction he or she will travel and how bright his or her light will shine.
    When the globe is shaken all the glitter swirls about. All of the small glittering pieces, dancing sparkles. And as you have written, eventually they slow and sink to the bottom.
    I disagree that; ” reflecting the light is all that we were meant to do…” I think that even while laying at the bottom of the globe we can help the other bits of glitter to shine while they are still dancing above us.
    I see your point about monuments very well. But do we need concrete objects to remind us of the good that others have done? Are not memories enough? As individual as human beings are, so are their interpretations of the very monuments they construct.
    When a person has left this world, and others come along as say; ” This man or woman was a wonderful person, I remember when he or she did…” is this not better than a marble statue?

    1. Exactly my point, Night! Here in the states, there is a push to eliminate the civil war and the confederate monuments (not that my interest is in the monuments of the civil war, because my interest is not history) but my point is, not the civil war. There a group trying to make a name for themselves that is pushing that the civil war was all about slavery. It was not! At this point let me tell you I am a novice when it comes to history because as in any war, the true reasons become all muddled. Instead of referencing Google I’ll just copy and paste, “Confederate States of America, also called Confederacy, in the American Civil War, the government of 11 Southern states that seceded from the Union in 1860–61, carrying on all the affairs of a *separate government* and conducting a major war until defeated in the spring of 1865.” The south wanted a separate government because they (confederate states) were tired of being dictated by the government *elected into office* at that time because the confederates did not agree with being told they can longer choose to have cheap labor of slavery.
      Now, there is this group who says our President is a dictator and is a horrible leader, and they want an new government because they feel slighted by history and all the emblems of the other race, and they should be eliminated to control history(which) is still there with monuments. I can tell you there are highways and streets in each town in America, with a historical name of someone who sparked and held some one up, and mind you their name is not there because they attempted to tear down history, they got there by holding up values of love and understanding and wanting to be understood with love, not trying to destroy cultures or history. Forgive me when I say, I see a replay of a reverse dictatorship here. And Hitler was eliminated for a reason he too tried to destroy anything he did not agree with, so why? I love the United States and everything it represents, but never would I appreciate a woman or anyone disrespecting my President no matter who, if elected by the people, never would I appreciate her ripping apart his speech during his ‘State of the Union.’ And I disrespect the media for showing such an outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But just my opinion.

    2. Oh Night , I over-looked the omni-directional comment of your response. Well I chose one direction because when water is swirled it usually goes in one direction just the way it works. And I referred to the one direction in my piece, as everyone need to followed a work ethic if nothing but to create to barter in order to survive to eat, live in a fair state of comfort, and yes there is a need for a one directional move, because if many different directions then there is chaos. If we had many directions, then where is the unity of the soul? The universe is based on order, other wise you’d have protesters with too much time on their hands claiming the world is out of control, and they want to control it by changing the direction of the swirl, still a swirl but in the opposite direction. So my that is my analogy, perhaps goofy, but the world is made of millions of sparks, all very brief!

      1. It is so nice to converse with a learned lady 10 thanks. I completely understand what you are saying about the brotherhood conflict as I like to call it. While in college, I took a great interest in the 1800 era. I was dumbfounded when I researched the information comparing it to what I had been taught in school. The difference was the same as that of night and day. I too know that this conflict was not about Slavery. This was just a justification. But I will not go into this.

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