Real or Make Believe

There are millions of people on chat sites worldwide. What is the attraction? For me having been here several years it is chatting to friends all over the world about things of mutual interest. However, I know as many other members do that there are people on the sites who create their own little worlds of pure fantasy. I have not as yet been contacted by an Astronought talking to me from the moon but give it time? So come along people and tell us why you have joined a chat site?

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  1. MariTe 69

    I joined this chat site to fill those lonely and empty times during my day. Sometimes, I find a splendid person with whom to chat for a hour or so. Sometimes, we just don’t click still the effort is rewarded when a connection is made and a wonderful friendship develops. Not all chat sites are equal and in my limited experience, about eight months, this has been the best site. I feel safer than anyother I have been on. Just be aware that “Romance Scammers” are lurking in every site whether, chat, dating or whatever. Please remember that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Stay safe and enjoy the site.

  2. Rockflower

    Ok Slim Jim, I am curious and like you I like a to be able to find grass roots opinion from round the world. I watch the news channels and read lots of international newspapers etc. However it is still nice to hear what people rather like me and roughly in the same age bracket are thinking in different countries. Perhaps they are people of different experience and and opinions , that is good even better, if I do not agree always,I do appreciate them sharing their thoughts. My mobility is not great as it once was. My older husband is not the man he once was either, he gets rather agitated if I diverge from his views, so I don’t but that is a tad frustrating. This is all harder during our long winters when it is harder to get out see people…summer months are easier to be mobile. I have not been on an other website because most of them seem to be the dating variety. I like this one because it is monitored and the dubious weeded out. I do note that most people seem to like the quick small talk type of interaction, which is fine….. Horses for courses ….as they say. I guess I’m more of a wind bag and tend to go on a bit but people are very kind and I appreciate that too.

  3. adri

    I join chat sites to meet people from different parts of the world. I have been fortunate to meet a few people who I consider to be friends.

  4. starlette

    Hi Jim….just the kind of blog I like……..I joined after reading a magazine article about a women being duped on a chat site….hard to believe maybe but I didn’t know such sites existed…….anyway out of curiosity I googled and came across SC……over the past 5 years or so I have chatted with many many people, some dubious characters it has to be said looking for one thing………I have met with jealousy, nastiness, sarcasm…….but also some wonderful, kind, caring, witty and funny people…….but Hey Ho thats what the world is made up of…..takes all sorts…..I made three friends who are no longer on SC but we chat on a regular basis via other means….my main participation on SC has been blog writing……I feel that is one way to get to know other members a little better in the content of their comments…….

  5. waylander

    Joined? Curiosity to start with. I got my first home computer and had heard of such sites.
    Luckily I hit this one first. Over the years I’ve looked at other sites, but I always come back here.
    In the main a better class of people here.

  6. roseinbloom

    Slim Jim, I was looking for a site to interact with people from other countries. I wanted to and I have learned a lot about the countries and the people on this site. I also wanted to make friends with similar interests. I have not made a habit of doing private chatting and maybe I need to do that, but I am lazy about all the typing required. The computer fills some empty space in my life and gives me a place to learn from others and to share what I have learned. Like everywhere, there are many types of people and you have to learn to watch out and avoid some of them.

  7. tessa

    Began chatting online in 1986 at the Apple Round Table site with a service provider called Earth Link I believe. It was new-ish, interesting and fun then. Home computers were just starting to be a thing and I had to have one so the Apple IIC came to live at my house. Prior to that we had a huge TRS 80 system, it was hard to use and took up way too much space so it went to the bin. If something was computer related I wanted to know about it, whatever it was and chatting seemed such a fun idea. So I suppose curiosity was the original impetus.