Queen Elizabeth the second…..

Her Royal Majesties last visit to Australia, she probably wont be able to visit us again , while she was here she saw the seaside , she went for a ride in a Melbourne tram , which was decorated to suit her highness, here within is a picture...

To our mind she is a wonderful lady, she has never neglected her duty however, she showed her style for the common touch by mixing with the public here inAustralia...

Prince Harry has just returned home after being here for a month with the Militairy, another delighful Royal with personality plus....

I wonder how many of the Royla house of Windsor would ask to go for a tram ride around a foreign city, we were all pleased to see she felt safe enough in our country to help her enjoy all the things she wanted to do and not just her royal duties...

I make no apologies for being a royalist and proud to be part of the British Commonwealth.....

I don't see anywhere to place a picture here on blogs, however, I have placed a picture of her Majesty getting off her tram in my I love Australia groups , if you care to see her there.....Lani xxx.

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  1. starlette

    Pleased you enjoyed her visit Lani, I have time for William and Harry, they are a lot more grounded and in touch with the real world……….the rest, and the dozens of hangers on we tax payers have to keep in their extravagant seedy lifestyle (air miles Andrew springs to mind) in this dysfunctional outdated family, well they can do one for all I care ……..do I stand when the anthem is being played, do I heck……enough said, my opinion only………..thanks for blogging, should receive some varied comments I would think…..hehe…..xx

  2. roseinbloom

    Lani, add a pic is at the bottom left of the blob, and if you go back to “edit”, you can still add a pic. So, you do want to learn how to add a pic. It works the same was as everywhere else.
    As for ROYALTY, I am totally against the concept. Best man or woman for the job, and merit not birth is best. Lords and Ladies and kings and queens, make nice stories and pics, but I love all things democratic.
    Queen Elizabeth is doing her job as queen, but she is not a role model for mothering, and WHAT is her job? She is paid very well and has good benefits.

  3. teddyted1

    I agree Rosie the idea that this is a country (UK) that is supposed to be an Equal Opportunities idea, don’t laugh, the only people that are above those are the Royal Family, time we did of this system of the Royal Charter, to me when Lani says that its nice to see Her Maj and her Royal hanger ons how nice to see that they try to be in common touch with the rest of people, don’t be funny, it is all a false idea to make the electorate think that you are doing a good job, no it is all about to keep the Royals in the various commonwealth countries, you soon they stop visiting places and the people will start wondering why they never say see or meet them.
    Pity they did not keep up to the end of the royal dynasty with King Charles and stuck with the Cromwell era, I personally we should adopt a system of a constitute of a president, and not stuck with a Royal as a head of a country.
    Royals ever manage to be in a armed force to lead is beyond me, each one of them is in one sort of armed force to be the head of some unit, ie colonel in chief.
    Royal Colonel is an appointment made by the British monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II, to members of the British Royal Family who are appointed to the position of Colonel-in-Chief of a regiment within the British or Commonwealth army. Royal Colonel appointments are made for regiments and military units of the British Army. Similar roles exist in honorary Air Commodores-in-Chief and Air Commodores for the Royal Air Force, and honorary Commodore-in-Chief for the Royal Navy.
    These appointments are honorary and do not confer rank or uniform upon the recipient. They are a ceremonial appointment designed to further strengthen the bond between the British Army and the Royal Family.
    Never in my life have seen so much brass sitting on the Royals chest, seems to get medals out of a lucky bag, no I am sorry it is about to get retired and put out to pasture or do a decent living like a ordinary worker, but then it would soil their clean squeaky hands.

  4. lani36 Post author

    I don,t know enough of the Royal families down through the ages however, i do feel that while we have a queen or a king as the head of the country there is more respect for the heads of state overall…
    There are quite a few in Australia that think it,s time we had a democratic Government here too, But I still like the thought that we have have the Royal family…
    William and Harry, have made the Royal family more in touch with the people, I think their Mothr would have been very proud of the way they have grown….

    1. teddyted1

      Lani and shadow, how naive you think that it is nice to have royals, I wonder what you think had you been in the aristocrats realm, had you had like the millions of those little people that sat there waving all their flags over the years while they sat trying to make ends make, the pittance of wage to slog their menfolk in the various crap workplaces, oh don’t worry my children, the royal entourage will not let the boys and girls be without a little flag to hold to, the we royals won’t let the people let the aristo’s go hungry while we have my subjects to care for us.
      You people make me want to puke, to think that millions starved to feed the royal blue blood while they got richer and richer. Was not so long that the royal owned a substantial wedge of country and quite a lot of the so royal hangers still own the wealthiest exclusive joints to live in, even more to rent the places to the multi money bags who sit in there plush house and apartments.
      Anyway I have had enough of those lovely royal kissassers, have you enjoy your little waving flags. I’m sure will her Maj or whatever will def invite you to a slap up do.

      1. starlette

        You have a point Teds, most of the royal land has been stolen over the years……and the huge houses that are used just for three or four weeks of the year, but still have to be maintained and staffed albeit to a lesser degree, the royal family is huge and is a big drain on our society…….but the servants are paid the minimal wages and woe betide if they ever step out of line……..i have read a few of the books wrote about royalty, not fabricated ones either, the inside story……… certainly did not adhere them to me anymore than i have ever done….you only have to see how the Queen reacted on Diana’s death…………protocol must be followed at all costs, no room for human emotions there……..think she may have shed the odd tear at the races when one of her horses either won or lost…..,,other than that the stiff upper lip always………and don’t get me started on the late princess Margaret………wow what a women……..she thought she was more royal than the queen……..what was she but just a chain smoking lush who had more affairs than i can remember, and we are supposed to respect the royals………not a prayer………..

        1. shadow

          Star you are so wrong about Princess Margaret? When she was younger there was no nicer Royal. As she got older her unhappiness started and she became the women you so aptly describe . I am a little surprised at your chosen words about her though, they are harsh and i have never associated you as an unkind women. I know you and teddyted1 tread the same hamster wheel on the Royal Family i respect that..but you being so judgemental ? yes that does surprise me.

          1. starlette

            Hello Shadow I am not an unkind women, but neither am I a hypocrite, and by that I do not mean you are, neither am I judgemental I go on facts…….ok she became unhappy in her later years but she did it in the lap of luxury…….its just that there are hundreds in the royal family and they have to be kept in their luxurious lifestyles whist we have people here having to rely of food banks to survive to which I might add I do donate…….no it just doesn’t seem fair to me….but I appreciate your point of view and would never expect you to change it……..if we all had the same opinions and views there would be no debates on the blogs…xx

          2. shadow

            Thank you for replying star. We could argue about this issue all day, if we didn’t have better things to do. But when it comes down to it, the Royals are an integral part of Great Britain’s national identity. Britain without the royals would be like France without wine, or Russia without horrific human rights abuses. No wonder the majority of Brits believe they’re a key part of what it means to be British.
            I think our Royals are great. Eccentric, funny, sometimes a bit rash, sometimes foolish, but they’re one of the last great traditions Britain has and I’d certainly argue quite hard to keep them! one thing i would agree with you on? There shouldn’t be the need for food bank in the UK but is that really the Royal’s fault? No! There are other departments who deal with that side of things and they just aren’t doing their job for reason’s that are above my comprehension?. teddyted1 seems to have dropped the subject, so i will say it here….This country would be a dictatorship now if Oliver Cromwell – who was a traitor and a nasty piece of work, had had his way? I know the
            the UK would be a poorer and very un-happy country today…just look around the world, and the countries who have dictators..need i say more?. Our British armed forces swear allegiance to a real person, not just a flag or an idea. Okay, i have finished and thanks for listening to me star…its more than i got from . teddyted1!! God Save
            the Queen! 🙂

      2. shadow

        Dont call me naive teddyted1. Just because you still live in the past concerning the Royal Family it doesn’t mean every one else does? I know a few on here support your views and that’s called democracy. I am not going to reply to all that you have said, it would just be a waste of my time and energy and anyway you sound like a man who would never back down no matter what i said, your blog proves that. I am not here to cause any argument’s but i do have one thing to say. Many year’s ago i was in a job that required me to have contact with one or two people from the Royal Family and believe me teddyted1 it was the biggest eye opener i have ever experienced in my life. Like you and many others i believed just like you do now ..but the job showed me another side of the Royal Family…i soon stopped judging and believe me, i would not be a Royal for all the tea in China. Carry on puking teddyted1, nothing that i could say will ever changed your bitterness about our Royal Family and i am not going to try. The younger generation, unlike us do have time for the Royal family..most do anyway and they learned in school about our Royal Dynasty and accept it happened, what can they do about it after all these years? NOTHING!!!, so move on teddyted1 whats done is done.

  5. cappuccino

    If the Brits didnt have the royals,who would open the fetes,flower shows etc ?…And think of the scandals and norti goings on,that sell trashy mags and gives people something to talk about….and..and the people that staff all the castles and mansions and royal mews and carriage polishers and ,and .and they would all be on the dole….Gosh ,It makes my head spin !

  6. cappuccino

    Iv just finished reading a book called “The Queen,her lover and the most notorious spy in history” by Roland Perry.
    Its about Queen Victoria,her life and Anthony Blunt.
    If its even half true,I wonder if we should give Princess Margaret some slack…I doubt she could help herself,judging by the genes she would have inherited from Queen Vic….Randy Andy would have got some of them too.

  7. lani36 Post author

    How cruel lol,they are human beings like us , yes of royal bloodlines,but I think of how our Queen managed during her anus horibillus , what stamina ,divorces and deaths , Motherless children , ,still held her chin up, would we be as strong , during all that chaos, I ask ?…
    The QueEn of denmark,the queen now , our own tasmanianMry… she supported the Danish throne with four children immediately ,taking her role so seriously ..
    I do admire these ladies , they are staunch, the are humane ,,they love animals,support many causes,..
    I dont claim to have learned much about former Royal families of England ,but the ones we have now and the Queen Mother during w.w.2 , would not leave london , her statement was , mom told me , “I want to be with my people”.
    I do love our Royals……Long live the Queen……
    So there Teddy hahahahaha.

  8. teddyted1

    So much for the so called Queen Mother, yes while she was visited during the East end London of bombing, people booed them cos they stood up like a million pounds with their fine expense clothes and the rest with all their chaos and ruin, wondering what they were eating that day, no doubt the rich had a nice meal of poached salmon could be fois gras definitely was not potted beef sarnies.
    When the last King Edward the 8th abdicated and left to live in France with W. Simpson your lovely Queen Mother as well as most of the Royals have shunned them til the day they all died, so much for that religious farce of being the head of a government and defender of the faith, so much for pangs of religious conscience. Come on Lani are you in the real world, or are you really a stuck up aristocrat that enjoys the trappings of finery, I think deep down you would love to be a royal and wave to the rest of the normal people and look down on my subjects. You really get to grip of a decent history lesson of the royals of today and past, you might think of your own past and how they left without while the rest of the astros enjoyed the glamour and wealth. so there, lani.I have enough of this blog, just goes on forever, you are deffo a Royalist true and true.

  9. lani36 Post author

    And proud tobe so , ha ha ha ha , no wouldn,t want to be of royal blood , my wrist would become to sore waving , R.S.I. ha ha .
    There will always be wealthy and the poor , I for one have always worked 70 hours a week for my bread and butter , and raised 5 children alone, no don,t think I would ever be of royalty, or want to be …..
    Can you imagine having to look perfect each morning o.m.g not the way i look in the mornings…… hahahaha . teddy
    if only i had a maid lol …