puter crashed

Sorry I cannott attend chatters for awhile, my laptop has crashed , the small tablet has adifferent I.s.p. no... and I believe it can upset the security here in my name if anyone needs to contact me urgently, please e. Mail me at (email address removed) thank you lani. As soon as my puter is repaired I will return ... have a great dsy everyone... xxxxxlani..

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puter crashed was last modified: October 5th, 2015 by lani36
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11 thoughts on “puter crashed

  1. roseinbloom

    Lani, Put a computing device on your Christmas list and get it for yourself. You can get a Chrombook for $200.00 and they work better for most things we do and are smaller than a laptop. I get in my bed with mine. I would go nuts without access to my sites. I am always googling something. You are wasting money on internet when your computer is down and that is the big expense.

  2. keeper of dreams

    Good Afternoon Lani;

    Just as I was about to drop you a few lines as I had noted,day after day the shining light here amongst us was missing…………you!!
    You had remarked earlier you were having a spot of ye olde `puter problems so I had presumed it must be this which kept you from us.
    You are certainly much missed,it is most frustrating not being able to communicate ……..I think we have all had a similar “ordeal”
    I hope your absence will be rectified soon with you back here with us where you belong.
    Sending lots of uplifting good wishes………..and a little hug……….hoping it helps fill some of the void in your life.


    K.o D.

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