As a powerful message to Washington I propose Independence.

Both political parties are locked in battles to assure that nothing is accomplished. A way to get the attention of ALL members of congress would be to re-register as an "independent".

As a voter, each of us would still have the complete freedom to vote issues and candidates as we wish. Congress persons of both parties would get the message like nothing else could that we as voters are fed up with the infighting. We want co-operation and compromise to fix the messes that have been created.

Become American citizens not party zombies.

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11 thoughts on “As a powerful message to Washington I propose Independence.

  1. annemarie

    LR that is a good idea as my son is an Independent but don’t know how many people would change but I am sure I am so sick and tired of the way both parites are behaving and nothing is getting done in Congress . Hope things will get better but not sure if it will. AM

    1. len1932

      Hillary Clinton does want to go away . She asked President Trump if she could be the replacement for the lady Supreme Court Justice that died? He thought awhile and said that would be fine if the Funeral Home agrees.

  2. rose1943

    Sounds good, Lone, but have never yet seen an independent get many votes in an election no matter how good they would be if elected. We’ve had some disasters here in Chicago in mayoral elections with three on the ticket and it would split not to our advantage. People just will not change.
    I am feeling more hopeful this week with our administration now that General John Kelly is in. Maybe the wars will end in the White House…Think he will referee this mess we have going on?

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      My thinking on this is not that each of us by becoming an independent will vote anyone running as an independent. It is to show the parties that are both just obstructing each other and getting nothing accomplished that the voting public is disgusted with them. Can you imaging the republicans and democrats concern if their registrations began to drastically decline? Can you imagine how it would effect their strategies. Can you imagine the leaders of each party trying to explain their decline?

      General Kelly should bring significant improvement to the function of the White House.

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      I did this many years ago and no one gave a darn. But if it was a massive move by dissatisfied voters it might. I don’t actually believe this will happen but it is nice to dream. Thanks for your response.

  3. roseinbloom

    I think we need a change, but I am not sure we will get one. I am happy with my party platform and now if they will just deliver and get better healthcare and a fairer tax for the middle class. I think the money going to big corporations needs to stop.

  4. Rockflower

    I have wondered for a long time , is the time for political parties over? I look at European countries, Canada and for the last while America, where the parties seem to be hindering effective governance more than aiding it. They do seem to alienate people from each other and no one seems to focus on bringing people together. We all have the same basic needs, I believe people are born with an innate sense of what is fair so why do we end up with groups hating other groups for the sin of not belonging to the same party? Perhaps this is basic human behaviour but there do seem to be fewer politicians that can wheel and deal with integrity and humour, than there used to be. Or am I looking back through the old rose tinted glasses? Now days we seem to have a more professional politicians, they go to college to do political science, intern with a politician, eventually get a go at standing for election. Then the aim in Canada or UK is to keep winning that seat for two or three terms , then you can count on a nice fat pension. Now you have all your political contacts and business is interested in using you to their own political advantage, good money in that LOL! Does that political progression mean our politicians are out of touch with life as it is lived by the rest of us.Does it foster the attitude of us and them. Or do we the public expect too much? On the other hand we are all seeing that having no idea how the system works is no good either. Everyone matters and politicians have to care about the average person not just the top 5%.
    One thing is apparent and this is that ….people seem to have lost the ability to discuss and they avoid anything that may cause differences of opinion. They will talk to people they know share their views but avoid anyone with an opposing view. Is this a product of political correctness? Believe me I do not encourage anyone to be rude but if you are talking as if walking on eggs ? there have to be frank honest exchanges. We just need more respect everywhere I guess.
    The trouble with independents? Politics is a numbers game. You have to have the numbers to get anywhere……But voting for independents can give a sharp lesson to a complacent politician

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      I feel, it seems, exactly as you say here Rockflower. I expect that a lot of those newly elected want to do the right thing and represent their constituent honestly. Then as you say the insiders control the money which is controlled by the lobbyists for big shots and they quickly learn it is play by the insiders rules or re-election funds will work against them.

      Democracy is not a perfect form of governing. There is none. Our modern, so called, democracies have been corrupted by the lawyers and politicians to the point that revolt is a near certainty IMO.

      My point in asking others to register “Independent” was not worded very clearly apparently because I am not suggesting that citizens vote for candidates that are listed and an “independent”. I think I even said that we can and should vote for candidates and issues which we feel are the best, no matter what party they are a member of. It is the loss of registrations by our political parties that is the point of re- registering. Can you imaging what terror party big wigs would feel if their registrations dropped by 25 % or even 5 or 10%?

      Make them sweat, make them worry, make them try to satisfy the voting public, instead of their money bosses.

  5. Rockflower

    I understand what you say Lone and I can agree but talking about this usually throws up more questions than it answers. Yes democracy is an imperfect tool but it is the best we have got I think you agree on that. Could it be that we should taking more effort in educating children to debate in a civil but honest way. ( And I do wish that the media would use a different word to describe those managed gladiatorial affairs between political candidates during elections). The main thing is to truly have respect for others , who due to a different life experience have different views. To have respect you have to know that the other person is honest and not using ‘dirty tricks’. There is the rub because while I still like to believe most entering politics are wanting to do good. Some enter politics just for power and a means to feather their own nests. Those will use every trick they can think of and then some. Even some of those who enter politics with all the right instincts get corrupted by the system. Politics cannot be totally idealistic , it has to be pragmatic and compromise. Is the real solution that we the people just cannot leave politics to the politicians!? We have to be constantly vigilant , ever conscious of the temptations that politicians are subject to, we must question and then question again. The front line of any scrutiny of politics and has to be a totally free press. Which is why I look at certain press moguls with askance . One in particular loose in the USA and UK I find highly suspicious, His family own too much of the press and TV,they has a record of directly moving to influence politics where ever their tentacles reach…they are not elected by anyone. At present the government of the US have kind of made the press the’ bogey man’. This is so dangerous but so far the American press is unbowed to pressures I salute their courage. That is another thing….our tendency is to watch those we already agree with but despite a threat to one’s blood pressure we must watch the other side. Ask ourselves why are they thinking this way? In my really “down” moments I think OMG democracy is just all smoke and mirrors. We cannot allow ourselves to think that because it is better than any alternative I can think of.

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