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Hi Chatters,

This might be a long post, so bear with me please. I'm just going to say what I feel so forgive me if I jump about a bit. So here goes...

I want to explain why I took the decision to replace the old chat room. I realise that some of you are upset over losing the Lobby and for that I apologise.

To cut straight-to-the-chase there were critical site updates that HAD to be made in order to keep SC up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes which the framework of the site runs on. Without these crucial updates the site would have been open to possible attacks. Admittedly, this would have been a relatively small risk initially, but as time went on would have meant that the site wouldn't have been as secure as it could be. I wasn't happy with that.

The downside however was that the updates and patches meant that the Lobby would have been increasing more difficult to support and develop further. It's over 5 years old now and technology, especially in the web world, moves on very quickly indeed.

This is why the Lobby was replaced with the new chat engine. As with anything new there are teething problems and I'm busy working through them, making it a better experience for everyone. Obviously I can't please you all and I know some of you will be bitterly disappointed at losing the Lobby, but I see this as an opportunity to change SC for the better, and I hope the majority of you will embrace that with me.

Please bear with me here while I get to my point. In case you don't know, I run Senior Chatters on my own. Yes, I do have the amazing help and support of our chat rooms Admin's and monitors for which I'm extremely grateful, but in terms of developing, updating and supporting the site I do that on my own.

I also work, and therefore run Senior Chatters in my spare time. So when people ask why wasn't I notified or why are there so many changes or this isn't working properly or Facebook isn't like this, it's because I haven't got a development department, marketing team, customer support team or a million dollar budget to help!

That's why I rely so heavily on members helping to test new features, and why I value feedback so much. I simply do not have the time or resources to develop, update, test and implement changes. Issues like the font's too small or the background colour hurts my eyes, are all things that are easily fixed, and I'm working hard to get them right for you all, that's why I'm always approachable and keen to hear your ideas.

However, what has shocked me is some of the nastiness and abuse I have personally received, and no I won't name these people. Yes, I run senior chatters as a business and I do make a small profit from the premium memberships that get sold. I'm not rich by any means, and to be honest my wife would sooner I just gave the whole thing up. I'm not going to do that as I get a lot of pleasure knowing Senior Chattters helps so many people; and funny enough I do actually enjoy what I do and chatting with you all.

All I ask is that negativity is removed. If you don't like me, what I'm doing or how I run SC then fine. I don't hold grudges, life's too short, but let me be clear. I will not tolerate negativity anymore or abusive people. If you have feedback, let me know politely, and I'll seriously consider your ideas. Otherwise please don't spoil it for all those Chatters who're happy with what I offer. Nobody is forcing you to stay, yet I see the same negative people moaning and complaining - yet still use Senior Chatters day on day.

Like I said earlier I'm doing my best to make Senior Chatters better for everyone. I'm not going to get there over night, but I hope you appreciate all that I'm trying to achieve. I hope you're with me, if not no hard feelings and I wish you well.

All the best
Senior Chatters

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