Part 2 : D.U.D.S !

At last its Part 2 .

Please have a look at Part 1 A.A.A  if you haven’t already. Many Thanks  Doc 1 

So, anyway where was I Ah Yes part 2   D.U.D.S 

As I sit here in our  overloaded home listening to a C.D  ( Avalon Roxy Music ) being played on my Technics midi-system which is around 20 + years old but works and looks  as good as the day I bought it , got it home , unboxed it and set it up. My CD selection is from the hundreds of CD’s I have on shelves in my store room next to the hundreds of DVDs.  Near to them is a quite a few stacks of Video Tapes a long with a small selection of L.P’s  having ‘pains me to say ‘ got rid of loads of L.P’s on our last cull we had a few years back. 

If my loved Technics midi system were to fail me . which is never going to happen I can always fallback to my Technics Rack Hi-Fi system now around 40 years old currently residing in my shed which when I last fired it up it worked perfectly. 

Anyway I dribble on away from my title  D.U.D.S

All this ‘excess baggage ‘ needs to be worked through and every item needs grading , it is what looks to be an impossible job where hard choices  need to be made if I am to reduce the amount of   ‘Accumulation Anxiety Attacks’ me and Mrs Doc 1 have  going forward.

D.U.D.S =

D  = Dispose of .   The hardest choice of all , the other day I had an old wardrobe to get rid of and having booked a slot at our local council recycling centre I went along.  To see the amount of unwanted ‘things’ piled high in the various type areas in this hall of destruction was indeed a sad sight to see. The huge crushing digger machine  smashing what was already smashed into even smaller crushed pieces worked hard through the mountain of the Wood area. Discarded wardrobes, tables, wall units, chest of draws, chairs, old fence panels and alike all being pulverised.   After throwing away the old wardrobe I lobbed our old toaster which still worked fine into the small appliances arena where it joined hundreds of other irons, kettles, toasters, vacuum  cleaners and steam cleaners etc, etc which were no longer needed or having stopped working were cheaper to discard then attempt to fix,  and  drove home.

U = Use.  There are so many things we all have which with a little thought can be re-used. Even though I do not need my trusty Midi – System, here it is all shiny and working flawlessly.  “Why don’t you just use Alexa ?” Mrs Doc 1  often asks.  ” You could get rid of that ugly boxy thing which you have put on top of the new wardrobe, it would make the spare room look so much neater”.                                                           My reply is  “Its not the same “.  

But, we must try and use some of all of the accumulation we have built up. So, as I look around our home there are lots of items that deserve a second chance. Convincing Mrs Doc 1 will be a tough challenge 

D = Donate .  Look around any town centre these days and most of the shops are either Charity Shops or Nail Bars and in the past we have taken car loads of books , ornaments, soft furnishings, toys and clothes to our favourite charity run shop. Once this current lockdown is over we must once again return  with more. Also under the grade of Donate we should simply give things away, its good to see someone get more use out of items we no longer need. 

S = Sell. There are so many ways to sell things these days , but somehow I seem to be pretty poor at getting into the whole re-selling way. We have in the past few days sold a shelf unit and an office chair to people who drove away happy. the selling part was done though my Mrs Doc’s sister who runs a selling site on facebook I think.  So we know it can be done and in the past I have used E-Bay but at times it can be a lot of hassle for a small price at the end of it.   A few weeks back  I tried out one of these Scan on your phone and sell books/ DVD’s & CD’s websites Ziffit I think its called. Armed with my phone I started   scanning in some  barcodes from our huge collection of books . At   around 60 books the company could only take around 10 of them paying around 30 to 50 pence per book.  I stopped scanning and had a cup of tea and started reading one of the books !

I remember years back getting up at the crack of dawn on quite a few Sundays having loaded the car the night before and off we trundled to a Boot Fair.  On most occasions  we ended up packing the car back up at the close and trucking it all the way back home. One time we even just left it all there for people to help themselves to it. 

But whatever method we choose , whatever category each item falls into we seriously need to lose a lot of stuff before we have to move to a bigger house , with a bigger storeroom and an even bigger shed ! 

Doc 1 

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  1. Doc1, I feel that we share a certain common ground. I love thinking about maybe meeting yourself in a pub and offering a Pint, or 2 -3. Lol
    Mrs Doc might not like this, but then ” Thunder Rolls…” Garth Brooks

  2. Bigger home, bigger storeroom and bigger shed! Forget it, it is human nature to live beyond whatever it is you’ve got. More room simply means more space to fill and once that is done, you are back to square one on a grander scale. There is an online organisation known as Freecycle and I will post some info about it and tag you. I have used it quite frequently, more for getting rid of things but I have also acquired one or two items using it. Twice I used it to get rid of about a ute load of excess soil when I did some landscaping in our back yard. On the first occasion I posted at 10.0pm, the phone rang at 10.20pm and the soil was gone by mid morning next day!

    1. Hello Bob _deb, Yes you are correct a bigger home is not the answer.
      I will take a look at ‘Freecycle ‘ great tip , Thank – You. Kindest Regards Doc 1

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