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So because I am an old haemophiliac some of my joints are shot. In particular, my ankles have been fused, one not so well and can be painful. For years I have been seeing podiatrists who have given me inserts for my shoes.  A little while ago I saw a guy who makes orthopaedic shoes who told me that I didn’t need his services but to buy shoes that laced up high and do them uptight and to get the shoes made up and not have inserts, This has been really effective and now my pain is about 10% of what it was. I told this story to two friends, one railed against f****g podiatrist – useless. The other said, “It’s great you got good advice now”.

Two worlds created – how true it is that we create our own world.

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  1. Yes, there are poorly informed professionals who lack time to be sure, relying on salesmen’s boasting their products to persuade them to use their products. Unfortunately we have doctors who rely on salesmen to help them with what is the best product available for their patients. Some advice is good, some not so good. That is why many times I refer to ‘Doctor Google’ to research anything told to me…. just makes me feel more in control. Now it has gotten where google relies on salesmen to help them out as well. Good Luck Armstrong…I’m glad you have found someone who will give you a solid solution to your problem. You’re doing great on your blog.

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